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Fictional storylineA
Good guyB
When a wrestler (often a face) incites a positive crowd reaction by 'kissing up' to the crowdC
Non-televised match at a televised show used to warm up the crowdD
Wrestler who accompanies another to matches, and acts as a bodyguardE
Unofficial rule which allows any two members of a stable with three or more members to defend a tag team championshipF
Wrestler's personality and/or other distinguishing traits while performingG
Bad guyH
Wrestling group that is too small to compete on a national level or is not owned by a big corporationI
Wrestler whose primary function is losing to better-known wrestlersJ
Term used to describe the illusion that professional wrestling is not stagedK
Mexican professional wrestlingL
Fan who believes that the characters and events of some or all of professional wrestling are realM
When a wrestler doesn't show up for a matchN
Refers to a performer whom the fans care about (either positively or negatively)O
Trained wrestler or actor who poses as a fan, usually seated in the front row of an eventP
Paranoia, depression, and explosive outbursts caused by steroid useR
Reacting to an opponent's attacks in a manner that suggests that the techniques are being applied at full-forceS
When a wrestler switches from face to heel or vice versaT
Matches prior to the main eventU
Female performer accompanying a male performer to the ringV
Unofficial forum among WWE wrestlers for the policing of wrestlers that violate the rules and traditions laid down by the companyW

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