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Can you name the things related to Germany?

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Captial city
Year of Unification
Country code top-level domain
Country calling code
Common name of country 1919-1933
Year when Berlin Wall was erected
Capital of former West Germany
Capital of former East Germany
A city that is also a state
Another city that is also a state
Largest state (by area)
Largest state (by population)
Name of the military force
Largest non-German ethnic group
Name of the parliament
City where supreme court is located
Current governing party...
...in a coalition with
Current football champions
Current manager of national football team
Any 1 of 4 recognised native minority languages
Highest mountain
Longest river
Largest island
The northernmost point of Germany is on this island
The southernmost point is in this Bavarian municipality
Longest border is with this country
Biggest Fortune Global 500 company (2007)
A computer pioneer, known for the 'Z3'
A mathematician who wrote the 'Disquisitiones Arithmeticae'
The inventor of the mechanical printing press
These siblings collected folk tales
Won the Nobel prize for literature in 1929
A composer that lived from 1770-1821
Author of 'Faust' and 'The Sorrows of Young Werther'
The national epic is the

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