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LetterLinguistHints,ideas,studies (nationality,data)
APhilosophy of language, speech acts (UK, 1911–1960)
BIndo-European languages, comparative linguistics (Germany, 1791–1867)
CSyntax, universal grammar (USA, 1928—)
DLexicography, founder of eponymous German dictionary (Germany, 1829–1911)
ENorth American languages, historical linguistics (USA, 1745–1801)
FSyntax, lexical semantics, cognitive linguistics, lexicography (USA, 1929—)
GPragmatics (UK/USA, 1913–1988)
HComparative linguistics, co-founder of the Copenhagen school (Denmark, 1899–1965)
IIndo-European studies, glottalic theory (Russia, 1929—)
JStructuralism, co-founder of the Prague school (Russia/Czech Republic/USA, 1896–1982)
KNative American languages, anthropology (USA, 1876–1960)
LSociolinguistics, women's language (USA, 1942—)
MLexicography, primary editor of the Oxford English Dictionary (UK, 1837–1915)
LetterLinguistHints,ideas,studies (nationality,data)
NJapanese lexicography, Japanese-English Character Dictionary (USA, 1893–1975)
OCreator of the Klingon language (USA, 1948—)
PEnglish language, constructed languages, tagmemics (USA, 1912–2000)
QEnglish language, Survey of English Usage (UK/Germany, 1920—)
REtymology, lexicography, studies into the words 'okay' and 'f*ck' (USA, 1906—2002)
SIndo-European studies, structural linguistics, father of modern linguistics (Switzerland/France, 1857–1913)
TOld English language, constructed languages, Sindarin, Quenya (UK, 1892–1973)
USemitic languages, Ethiopian language (UK, 1920—)
VStated eponymous language law describing sound change in Proto-Germanic (Denmark, 1846–1896)
WLinguistic relativity principle, or Sapir-[...] Hypothesis (USA, 1897–1941)
YNavajo language, lexicography (USA, 1912–2007)
ZInventor of Esperanto (Poland, 1859–1917)

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