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Can you name the UFC & MMA Fighters with over 50,000 Twitter Followers?

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Weight DivisionFighterFollowers
Middleweight2,062,545 followers
Heavyweight608,083 followers
Middleweight483,676 followers
Welterweight454,990 followers
Heavyweight402,657 followers
Light Heavyweight399,626 followers
Light Heavyweight386,630 followers
Light Heavyweight332,308 followers
Heavyweight308,339 followers
Middleweight296,258 followers
Light Heavyweight (Retired)290,350 followers
Light Heavyweight248,867 followers
Heavyweight (Retired)238,966 followers
Middleweight223,247 followers
Welterweight221,850 followers
Lightweight218,269 followers
Heavyweight (Retired)211,115 followers
Light Heavyweight210,961 followers
Bantamweight207,453 followers
Middleweight197,722 followers
Light Heavyweight (Retired)193,567 followers
Weight DivisionFighterFollowers
Light Heavyweight181,602 followers
Middleweight170,390 followers
Middleweight160,302 followers
Heavyweight153,116 followers
Light Heavyweight147,365 followers
Welterweight146,670 followers
Welterweight135,641 followers
Lightweight135,141 followers
Heavyweight133,006 followers
Light Heavyweight130,794 followers
Featherweight128,658 followers
Featherweight123,483 followers
Lightweight116,266 followers
Heavyweight113,958 followers
Heavyweight111,266 followers
Heavyweight104,463 followers
Middleweight102,508 followers
Heavyweight93,942 followers
Women's Featherweight86,308 followers
Middleweight85,110 followers
Welterweight82,492 followers
Weight DivisionFighterFollowers
Lightweight79,609 followers
Light Heavyweight79,572 followers
Middleweight77,782 followers
Women's Bantamweight77,057 followers
Lightweight76,559 followers
Welterweight71,640 followers
Bantamweight66,120 followers
Lightweight64,435 followers
Welterweight61,533 followers
Lightweight60,334 followers
Welterweight58,739 followers
Bantamweight58,298 followers
Lightweight57,780 followers
Middleweight56,882 followers
Lightweight55,545 followers
Lightweight55,439 followers
Heavyweight55,270 followers
Middleweight54,401 followers
Middleweight54,186 followers
Women's Bantamweight53,414 followers
Heavyweight52,004 followers

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