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So hold on for your life, Because only the strong survive
You were once led to believe, You were young and so naive
Love will remain, This I can see, Now and forever more
To every fool with an opinion, They never break
Looking back I clearly see, What it is that's killing me
To the ones in which we sing, We are honored you let us in
And who'll give you strength when you're not strong
We all fall sometimes, You're not the first
Before you turn away, Take the hand in need
So I sing this song tonight, To the ghost that will not die
I want to love, I want to feel, Find peace
So smiling down on me, I close my eyes to see
For every life that's taken, So much love is wasted
When all is lost to you inside, When all the darkness takes the light
I've been defeated and brought down, Dropped to my knees when hope ran out
The willow it weeps today, A breeze from the distance is calling your name
I tear on the leash, That keeps me contained and controlled
How long must I run, To find what I'm looking for
He is someone just like you, Who is lost to find the truth
I've got to find that meaning, And I'll search for so long
Cast your sorrows to the wind, Let the highway take us in
With a blacktooth grin, This whiskey smile
Give me a meaning, Lead me to life, Let me know
Cause I see in you, More than you'll ever know
Cause the sun always sets, The moon always falls
Lost on a road I don't belong

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