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Can you name the Mahjong Yaku

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A closed hand completed by drawing from the wall
Completing your hand in the first round after declaring riichi
A riichi declared on the first turn
Winning from the last tile in the wall
Winning from the last discard by a player
Winning from a tile drawn from the dead wall after declaring Kan
Winning by calling Ron on a tile used to by another player to create a late Kan
A hand with only sequences, a 0 point pair and an open wait
A hand with no terminal or honour tiles
Two identical sequences of the same suit
Any set including either a dragon, the wind of the round or the wind of the player
The same sequence in three suits
Three sets of the same suit (123,456,789)
Every set with one honour or terminal tile, including the pair, and containing at least one sequence
All tiles are terminal or honours
All three's or four's of a kind, no sequences
Three's or four's of a kind, entirely drawn from the wall
Three four's of a kind, can be open or closed
Three triplets of the same number in different suits
A hand comprised of seven distinct pairs
Two three of a kind's and a pair of dragons
Tiles from a single suit and honours
Every set with at least one terminal, a pair of terminals and one sequence
Two pairs of identical sequences, must be concealed
All tiles of the same suit

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