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Can you name the 100 Greatest Punchers as Chosen By Ring Magazine?

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1Longest reigning world champion ever
2Canadian nicknamed 'The Boston Tar Baby'
3Welsh Flyweight from the early 20th century
4Lost to a young Cassius Clay at the end of his career
5Tall & lanky Featherweight & Jr. Lightweight Champion
6Died young via gunshot in 1910
7Popular heavyweight epitomized the Roaring 20s
8Middleweight/Light Heavyweight/Heavyweight Champion
9Might be more known for cookware rather than fighting
10Hard-hitting bald HW contender from the 70s
11Consensus greatest fighter of all-time, pound for pound
12Bantamweight & Featherweight champ from Mexico
13Hard-hitting 122-130 lb. champion from Puerto Rico
14Retired Undefeated
15Lies on the canvas in a famous Neil Leifer photo
16Likes singing Phil Collins
17Tall, lanky, powerful light heavyweight
18Kronk gym fighter trained by Emanuel Steward
19Thai Jr. Bantamweight, George Lucas would describe him as being 'far, far away'
20Multi-division champ died in 2009
21Bantamweight champion from Mexico
22Made (in)famous by the direction of Ron Howard
23Portrayed by Paul Newman in a movie
24Philly light-heavyweight was known for exciting wars
25154 & 160 lb. champ in the 80s/90s
26Of Ute Indian heritage
27Kronk gym fighter's career ended tragically
28Part of the 'Fab 4' of the 80s
29Middleweight champ in the 70s from Colombia
30Popular Puerto Rican fighter of the 90s/00s who shares a nickname with a member of the Jackson 5
31Mexican welterweight was champion at age 18
32Fought in racially charged bout in early 20th century
33Retired in 2004 as champion
34'Bad' Philadelphia middleweight with a bald head
35Long reigning middleweight champion who was something of a 'marvel'
36Puerto Rican who died of aneurysm in 1997
37Welterweight/Middleweight Champion from 19th century
38Lost memorable and 'beastly' bout to #35 in 1986
39Part of the most famous trilogy in boxing history
40Longest reigning middleweight champion pre-Hopkins
41'Steely' Middleweight champ
42Olympian who later won the world heavyweight title, just like his brother
43Lightweight 'master'
44Heavyweight contender with an unpeaceful nickname
45Black heavyweight contender of the 1920s
46British fighter of Yemeni parents known for dramatic ring entrances
47Bantamweight champion in the 1970s
48Samoan slugger
49Lost to Sonny Liston & Muhammad Ali and was shot by a state trooper
50Beloved Mexican fighter who won world titles in 3 divisions
51Contender with the nickname of a dangerous animal
52Shares same name as #66
53Samuel L. Jackson movie was a loose satire on one of his fights
54Has a 'homeless' nickname
55German who helped Jews during WW2
56Middleweight contender from Cuba defeated in a round by a man portrayed in a film by Denzel Washington
57Held 3 divisional titles at once
58Influenced another Samuel L. Jackson movie
59Middleweight champ who defeated Freddie Steele
60Bantamweight contender who lost a title bid to #12
61Philly middleweight contender of the 70s
62Fast-living lightweight champion
63Never got his title shot at Jack Dempsey
64Shares the same last name of a 'Jack' who lost to Dempsey
65Bantamweight/Featherweight champ who won a world title from the first black boxing world champion ever
66Lost two heavyweight title bouts to #14
67His win over Zab Judah was a youtube sensation
68Knocked Sonny Liston cold
69Brother of #22
70Fought Mike Tyson twice in the 90s
711980s Lightweight champ from Mexico
72Contender won a highly disputed decision over Teddy Yarosz
73'Smooth' welterweight champ
74Middleweight champ did time in San Quentin and later committed suicide
75Featherweight champ in the late 80s from Venezuela won exciting bout over Steve Cruz
76Contender who lost title bid to Kid Bassey
77Cruiserweight/Heavyweight champion who danced with the stars
78Lightweight champ in the 40s
79Wild Argentinan lost memorable bout to #7
80Strawweight champ retired undefeated
81Light Flyweight champ engaged in a memorable trilogy in the 90s
82Featherweight/Jr. Lightweight champ with a 'studious' nickname
83Defeated Ed Risko in a non-title bout
84Contender from Argentina
85Bantamweight/Featherweight champion from Brazil
86Pittsburgh boxer was part of the 'Black Murderers Row'
87Known for snatching body attack
88Featherweight who died tragically at age 23
89Boxer/rapper/minor-league basketball player
90Licho Guerrero handed him first first defeat after 53 pro fights
91Middleweight/Super Middleweight champion from England
92Contender from Ireland
93Light Heavyweight champ from 1925-1926
94Retired with a 57-9 record
95Shares the same last name as a man who defeated Shane Mosley twice
96Southpaw featherweight stood just 5'1
97Hard-hitting Hawaiian
98The Rochester Plasterer
99Heavyweight champion from Sweden
100Came from a fighting family

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