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Leader of the 'Khmer Rouge', his regime's policies caused the deaths of possibly two million people
Argentine military dictator from 1976-1981, under his leadership thousands of political dissidents were killed or disappeared during the so called 'Dirty War'
Dictator of Haiti, his paramilitary force called 'Tonton Macoute' was notorious for systematic murder and rape
Ruler of the Central African Republic, proclaimed himself Emperor, accused of cannibalism and massacre of demonstrating schoolchildren
Chancellor of Austria from 1932-1934, his authoritarian rule is often described as 'Austrofascism', murdered by Nazi agents
First ruler of communist North Korea, referred to as 'The Great Leader', currently his grandson is ruling the country
Spanish General, leader of the nationalist faction in the Spanish civil war, ruled his country as dictatorial Head of State from 1939-1975
Egyptian Colonel, who took part in overthrowing the monarchy in 1952, nationalized the 'Suez Canal Company' in 1956
Communist dictator of Albania for 40 years, aligned himself with Mao Zedong against the USSR and the USA, isolated his country from the rest of Europe
Head of the Nicaraguan National Guard, who came to power in the early 1930s and installed a family dictatorship, which lasted until the Sandinistas seized power in 1979
Leader of fascist organization 'UstaĊĦe', installed as Croatian dictator by the Germans in 1941, his regime committed genocide against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies
Head of the left-wing military regime, which ruled Ethiopia from 1974-1991, launched the 'Red Terror', a campaign of violent oppression against opposition groups
Leader of Italian Fascism, known as 'Il Duce', opposing Communism and liberal Democracy he aligned himself with Nazi Germany and imperial Japan
De facto ruler of Panama from 1983-1989, deposed by US military intervention, convicted on drug charges in 1992
President of Syria, his forces have crushed a rebellion by the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and occupied Lebanon, his son assumed power after his death
Greek military leader, who came to power in a coup d'etat in 1967, the right-wing regime imposed censorship, mass arrests and torture of political opponents
Dictator of Uganda from 1971-1979, his regime is considered to be one of the most repressive and murderous in African history
The communist victory in the Chinese civil war forced his nationalist government to flee, in Taiwan the political repression by his regime became known as 'White Terror'
Long-time leader of the right-wing 'Estado Novo' dictatorship, during his rule Portugal fought against the nationalist movements in Africa to retain its colonies
Dictator of the Soviet Union, his rule was characterised by rapid industrialization, but also by terror and persecution, which caused the deaths of millions of people
Last communist leader of Romania, criminalized abortion to implement pro-natalist policy, overthrown and killed in 'Romanian Revolution'
Military dictator of Chile, overthrew socialist government of Salvador Allende in 1973, his regime was accused of numerous human rights abuses
Indonesian General and President, he led an anti-communist purge, which resulted in the deaths of many thousand people, under his leadership Indonesia occupied East Timor
Dictator of Iraq, accused of using chemical weapons against Kurdish civilians, overthrown by US invasion in 2003

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