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0:00-0:08Herbert Stothart (1939)
0:08-0:15James Horner/Céline Dion (1997)
0:16-0:23John Williams (2001)
0:23-0:30Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley (1971)
0:30-0:36Bernard Herrmann (1960)
0:36-0:46Quincy Jones (1997)
0:46-0:56Elmer Bernstein (1960)
0:56-1:07John Williams (1993)
1:07-1:18Vangelis (1981)
1:18-1:33John Williams (1981)
1:33-1:50Miklós Rózsa (1959)
1:50-2:01Henry Mancini (1963)
2:01-2:11Alan Silvestri (1994)
2:11-2:22Alan Silvestri (1985)
2:22-2:31John Williams (1980)
2:31-2:43Bill Conti (1976)
2:43-2:58Bernard Herrmann (1958)
2:58-3:13Jerry Goldsmith (1993)
3:14-3:27John Barry, Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley, Shirley Bassey (1964)
3:28-3:33John Morris (1974)
3:33-3:43Howard Shore (2001)
3:43-4:00Klaus Badelt/Hans Zimmer (2003)
4:00-4:19Alexandros Xenofontos (2002)
4:19-4:30Mychael Danna (2006)
4:30-4:46Deloris & The Sisters (1992)

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