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Can you name the murderer and their location and weapon by completing the 4-letter-word ladder?

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Robins, owls, bluejays, humming____s, etc.
Harry potter spell petrificus totalus is a full body ____.
Where a river changes directions.
To make repairs, to restore
An alcoholic liquor made by fermenting honey and water.
The average
Jack and the ____stalk
Reality TV show host ____ Grylls
'Mr. Gorbachev, ____ down this wall!'
To burn or scorch a surface
A prophesier of future events
Normal attack that lowers defense one stage (Pokémon)
A vegetable in the same family as the onion
A light, quick kiss
Christmas song: ____ the Halls
To deduct from the wages of
To mimic scornfully.
Dwayne Johnson
Next to only the knight.
'____'em, Danno!' (Hawaii Five-0)
What the English call the trunk of a vehicle.
Pontoon, ferry, schooner
Scarves of feathers
the Calydonian ____, Atalanta was the first to wound it.
To rise, fly, or glide high
The villain of the Lion King
An employee who works while others are on strike
Your answer is a _____ in the dark.
Every Congressmen has one.
Solve the murderer:
Solve the location:
Solve the weapon

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