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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by initials?

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HPThe Chosen One
RWGryffindor Keeper
HGBushy Brown hair
RHHalf Giant
ADHeadmaster of Hogwarts/ Taught Transiguration previous to this
MMHead of Gryffindor
SSHead of Slytherin
PSHead of Hufflepuff
FFHead of Ravenclaw
TRHe who must not be named
MWHas 7 children
AWInterested in Muggles
BWMarries a Veela
CWWorks with Dragons in Romania
FWTwin #1
GWTwin #2
GWControlled by a diary
DTGryffindor Student
NLCould have been the chosen one
SFBlows things up accidentally
PPAccompanied a Triwizard Champion to the Yule Ball
PPTwin sister
LBLoves her Won-Won
LJQuidditch Commentator
CCAlways has his camera
KBQuidditch Chaser
ASQuidditch Chaser
AJQuidditch Chaser
DMChosen by the Dark Lord
GGHis father is a Death Eater
VCDestroyed a Horcrux with FiendFyre
LMSlipped a diary into a cauldron
BLSentenced to Azkaban
SBGodfather of the Chosen One
AMFamous Auror
LLCan see thestrals
JPGave his life for his son
LPGave her life for her son
MFInvolved in many illegal activities
FDWas a triwizard chmpion
VKBulgarian Seeker
IKHead of Durmstrang
OMHead of Beauxbatons
DHouse elf
KServes the house of Black
HSSkilled Potions Master
STForsaw the Prophecy
CDDied in a graveyard
CCSeeker for Ravenclaw
GLSpecialised in memory loss charms
QQHad a face in the back of his head
SSConductor for the KnightBus
DUI must not tell lies
CFEx Minister for magic
AFCaretaker for Hogwarts
AFSquib, lives in Privet Drive
RSHis mane of hair resembled a lion
HSnowy owl
CGinger Cat
KSAuror and protector of the Muggle Prime Minister
ADHis son was murdered during the Triwizad tournament
BCHead of International Magical Cooperation
MMGhost in the girls bathrooms
NHNGryffindor Ghost
GGCo-founder of hogwarts
SSCo-founder of hogwarts
RRCo-founder of hogwarts
HHCo-founder of hogwarts
PPSlytherin Girl
FThree headed dog
PPSchool Nurse

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