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Forced Order
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This holiday is celebrated annually on the 14th.Cupid
The name of each year with 29 February days.Frog
The _____ root *februa* means 'purification.'Dead Language
Flower of February.Purplish
Birthstone of February.Purplish as well
This animal is the fortune teller on every 2nd.Shadow determines short/long Winter
This month is often referred to as _____________ Month.Color
This President was impeached on the 24th of 1868.Not the guy on the $20 bill
This man became the first man to orbit the earth on the 20th of 1962.Astronaut & U.S. Senator
This country celebrates Flag Day on the 15th.Maple Leaf
This man was born on the 12th of 1809.Theory of Evolution
This month is also referred to as _________ Lover's Month.Dark, Milk, or White
This man may be responsible for February's shortage of days.August

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