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FrankensteinCorrect QuoteDescription
T B O MMonster's view on humanity
W...H I D N LMonster's literal distaste for human vices
F WThe place where the Monster is born
M P T R H T T D PThe Monster's kind-hearted desires
G DAnimalistic imagery afforded to the Monster
M P I A SWilliam's words to the monster, detailing the bourgeois backgrounds of Victor
F MDehumanising description of the creation by Victor
M DHow the Monster views himself
W F DVictor's description of his creation
T B S O D A MThe Monster's feelings when he glimpses his reflection
S O I W KShelley highlighting the dangers of knowledge with the Monster's voice
I C H A S F A W T C HUnique time when Frankenstein displays any paternal instincts
I A M B I A MMonster justifies his degeneration of character
L A D A T M I BVictor's transgression of boundaries
B F C HThe 'intertextuality' of the monster
EVictor's euphemistic term for his debased activites
D RWhere the monster is made
SWhere the monster is made
FrankensteinCorrect QuoteDescription
W H A AThe monster's utter desolation
E A O NJoy in nature for the Monster
B R O H A A O JThe Monster is initially positive and upbeat, as Victor is in his endeavours
H D M T T G A S M V Monster's treatment by the people at the cottage alienates him entirely
I L T D T A F O T L CThe social shortcomings of the Monster
I E The path the monster follows after his rejection is one of...
N H B C H P A H C T MDisparaging upbringings between Victor and the Monster
F T H PA description of his mother that is symptomatic of Victor's scientific rationale
I L T J TThe Monster just desires acceptance
N F H W M I DVictor's abandonment of paternal instinct
M T W S V M P VFirst characterisation of Victor (aggression)
E T S O FFrankenstein's grandiose conception of himself, his hubris, is exemplified when he speaks in 3rd person
I I IEchoes of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner
N M N F N K O PMonster's lack of things suggests an allegory taking a swing at Capitalism
W U T M P O A W W S T F A BFrankenstein's reward for saving a girl's life
I V E H A V T A MThis reward leads him to swear...
M T A TDescription of Victor that echoes Macbeth

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