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H C H OChorus. Idea of Faustus as a victim.
G O BChorus. Ambiguous play.
H P B O SChorus. Against idea of a tragedy; not noble
S W CChorus. The dangers of knowledge
H W WChrous. Link to Icarus.
F T A D EChorus. Faustus succumbing to evil
B & SChrous. Rhyming couplet is a half-rhyme, suggesting conflict
S M S FFaustus opening line, 3rd person reserved for knowledgeable characters
T H A T EFaustus, achieved all he can.
A G S F F WFaustus demonstrating his hamartia
T B H U A MFaustus's previous achievements: his tragic fall
T S A I F MFaustus wants autonomy, not the subservience that Law brings
T R O S I DFaustus takes the biblical quote out of context
W M D A E DFaustus' true fear is revealed; eternal suffering
N B A HFaustus errs to the dark side
A W O P A DFaustus hedonistic desires
P...H...OHedonistic desires, watches parity with God
A T T M B T Q P S B A M CAutocratic desires
E A KIronic: he wants power over these but becomes effectively a clown for them
H G H W U T HGood Angel: idea of God as vengeful

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