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Can you name the King of the Hill A-Z?

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The Souphanousinphones' previous home
Rival town with an armadillo mascot
Ward's gang
Octavio model
Tough-girl hall monitor
Chuck Mangione's line
'Thirty five years...'
Annoying Montana neighbor
That's my purse!
Boomhauer's first name
Kahn's escape from the General
Name of Bill's iguana
Lupe's home
Ted Wasanasong's Kingdom
Documents found in the garage by Bobby
Vidya game featuring Hank
Tid Pao's street name
Restaurant where Luanne worked
Dale's not-so-dream company
He ediblized two new parts of the pig
Rare miniature for Tilly
Soap opera catchphrase
Doggy's breed
Fox show that followed KOTH
Cure for Hank's bad back
What alien urine becomes

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