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What season did Manchester United win the treble?
How many major wins does Jack Nicklaus have?
What sport would you associate the term 'foul and a miss'?
Which footballer came runner-up in the Champions League with Juventus 2 years in a row and then went on to win it with Real Madrid 4 seasons after?
Which major tennis competition would require an all-white outfit?
In darts, who has the nickname 'The Power'?
Which Northern Irish golfer won the U.S Open in 2010?
Who did Lewis Hamilton overtake in the last 15 seconds of the Brazilian Grand Prix 2008 to win the Formula One title?
Who became the first England cricketer to be dismissed for 199 in a Test?
Which country won the Rugby World Cup in Sydney?2003
Which NBA team has the nickname 'Celtics'?
Which golfer won the Masters in 1991?
Which Australian won six gold medals at the 2002 Commonwealth Games?
In 2009, Lance Armstrong finished in what postion in his comeback Tour de France?
In Ice Hockey, who is nicknamed 'The Great One'?
Lleyton Hewitt won the Wimbledon Championships in 2002 but who did he beat?
Which sport would you associate Babe Ruth with?
In 2006, who scored Barcelona's winning goal against Arsenal in the Champions League Final?
In snooker, what is the number of points scored from a maximum break?
Which football club was Fernando Torres ta before moving to the Premier League?
Tiger Woods won his first major in what year?
Which Formula One driver retired in 2006 for ferrari only to return in 2010 for Mercedes?
Who won the 2012 Super Bowl?
Which Rugby Union Winger scored 6 tries in the 2011 six nations but failed to score in 2012?
Which football manager has managed Osasuna, Valencia and Liverpool?
Which female swimmer won 2 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics for the 400m and 800m?
What 19-year-old became the youngest man to win the U.S. Open tennis title, in 1990?
Which NBA player played for Cleveland for 7 seasons ans then moved to Miami Heat in 2010?
Who became the 10th woman in history to win all 4 grand slam titles after her French Open win in 2012?
Who won the first football World Cup in 1930?

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