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Can you name the football players from the clues given?

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What sank the titanic + When you use a tent
Cut rock or mineral + Machine for grinding or crushing
American musician or a mountain stream + Meat from a pig
PC Manufacturer + Steak or Key Lime + Moving a boat using an oar
Inconvenience + Where money is kept
Dog, cat, hamster + Wealthy
Wild ox with shaggy hair + Opposite of out
Very young child + Roman numeral for one
Gesture to encourage someone to come nearer + Jack from 24
Vehicle + The fact or process of losing something or someone
Round object used for sports + To be without something
Be able to + West London football team + Touching lips
Spirit made with juniper berries + Spanish for hello
Material from a tree + Barrier used to close an opening in a wall
To polish something + In contact with and supported by a surface
Father Christmas + A voyage on a ship for pleasure or holiday
Excrement + Slang or informal way of saying 'you all'

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