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QUIZ: Can you name the 50 Greatest Video Game Icons?

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NintendoNintendo's Mascot
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxFormer Sony's Mascot
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxSega's Mascot
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxCapcom's Mascot
XboxMascot of the Xbox game Console
NintendoProbably the Second Best Video Game Character(CNET)
PlayStationSony's Mascot - His Second Adventure won over 100 Game of The Year Awards
NintendoProbably One of the Iconic Character after 'Jumpman'
PlayStationHe is an Agent for The Agency
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHis Best Friend is Ken Masters
XboxXbox' Mascot after John-117 - He Was a Prisoner
NintendoSmall, Pink, Spherical Creature with Large Red Feet, Stubby Arms, and Trademark Pink Cheek-Blushes
PlayStationHe was a simple bike messenger who was delivering a package for someone to somewhere in the Historic District of Empire City
NintendoYellow Mouse-Like Creature
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHis Weapon is The Dragon Sword
PlayStation - XboxMascot character of the Vault-Tec
PlayStation - XboxHe is a Mercenary Who Specializes in Paranormal Cases, preferring those that call for Demon Slaying
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxNamco's Mascot
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxIn the Film He's known as Dastan
NintendoShe is a female ex-army soldier bounty hunter usually fitted with a powered armor suit with weapons that include beams and missiles
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHe Worked for International Contract Agency
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxIn the Original Two Games Barely Spoke and was Portrayed as a Self-pPoclaimed Hero, initially hired by the CIA to save Earth from Dr. Proton
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHe is a Combination of Spy, Special Operations Soldier and Mercenary Commando of FOXHOUND
PlayStationHe Was The Youngest Captain of Sparta's Army
PlayStation - NintendoHe's the Most Iconic Guy in Final Fantasy
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxShe's the Most Sexy Character in Video Games
PlayStation - Xbox'The Cake is a Lie'
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxA former STARS Member
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHis Fighting Style Was: Advanced Mishima style fighting karate combined with Kazama-style self-defense
PlayStation - XboxHis fighting style is Bājíquán and He Won the 2nd World Fighting Tournament
PlayStationHe Was Becoming a Chimera
PlayStationPlay, Create and Share
PlayStation - XboxHis brother is Sweet
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHe's a Dragon
PlayStationHe was a Mute in the First Game
PlayStationHis Best Friend is Clank
PlayStationHe is a Thief Raccoon
PlayStationGame Show Host
NintendoLeader of the Star Fox team
NintendoHe's a Dino...
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHe is the Only character to Be Playable in All Three Modern Warfare Games. He is the main protagonist of the first, is the playable character for the last two missions of the second, and is controllable during the prologue of the third.
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHe is a Photojournalist
Nintendo - XboxCode Name: Perfect Dark
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHe was a member of Third Echelon - The character ranks 24th on the 'Guinness Top 50 Video Game Characters of All Time' list
PlayStation - XboxHis Cousin is Roman
PlayStation - NintendoHe has a Keyblade
PlayStation - Nintendo - Xbox'The Flyer - Son of No One'
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxHis Brother is Noob Saibot
PlayStation - Nintendo - XboxThey Changed His Design in the 3rd Game, He Has No Hair Now and He's also Fat and Old Now
PlayStation - XboxOriginally named as Protectors

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