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What does HAM stand for?
In the reproduction process of the organisms of phylum Mollusca, gonads release gametes into what?
What type of fertilization do molluscs undergo?
Snails and slugs in class gastropoda have a _____ used for grazing/boring
Clams, mussels, and _____ are in class bivalvia
Oysters use cementation as a method of attachment; what do mussels use?
What do most molluscs in class Cephalopoda lack?
Molluscs in class cephalopoda are free swimming or _____
What is the funnel in a squid used for?
The product of sperm being transfered from male to female is a __________
________ muscles are used to open the shell of a mollusc in class bivalvia
How do organisms in this Phylum move?
How many classes are under Phylum Mollusca?
What are the classes in this Phylum?
True or false: The adductor muscle opens the shell?
What is a spermatophore?
What animals are examples in the Phylum Mollusca?
What are the 8 characteristics of HAM?
True or False: Mollusca feed with a radula?
True or False: All molluscs have the same characteristics of HAM?
True or False: All molluscs have a hard outer shell
Clams, Mussels, and Oysters belong to which Class?
Through which siphon is does water enter the body cavity of a bivalve?
What organ found in bivalves filter large particles out of the filtering water?
What is the umbo?
What method of attatchment do oysters use?
How many adductor muscles do scallops have?
What does the abductor do?
What does the adducutor do?
Do most Cephalapods have shells?
What is the beak used for?
True or False: Squids are bilaterally symmetrical?
The surface of a squid's skin is covered in _______, which allow the squid to change colors
True or False: The head of a squid bears 8 arms and 2 tentacles?
True or False: The nervous system of most Gastropods contain ganglia?
The H.A.M has an ______ circulatory system
Gastropods undergo _____, the 180 degree rotation of the visceral mass
True or False: Cephalopods are the only molluscan class with a closed circulatory system
Chitins are most physically similar to what?
What is the shell of a H.A.M made of?
Which animal of class Cephalopoda secretes a shell?
What type of symmetry does class Bivalva have?
What is the common name for ctenidia?
With class Cephalapoda, what is used to pull in food?
True or False: the excurrent siphon is located above the incurrent siphon?
Does class Cephalapoda have a closed or open circulatory system?
What marking does the mantle leave behind on the shell of a clam?
True or False: Members of class Scaphopoda don't have a heart.
What pigment makes snail blood blue?
What type of circulatory system do members of class bivalvia have?
How do musscles attatch to substrate?
True or False: Molluscs break down food using digestive enzymes.
What rotates mucus to aid in digestion?
How many shells do members of class polyplacophora have?
When blood and H20 flow in the same direction, what is it called?
When blood and H20 flow in the opposite direction, what is it called?
What dumps into the cloaca in a mollusk?
Which class has an operculum?
Marine worms are classified under the subclass _______.
Members of class cephalopoda undergo internal or external reproduction?
What do cephalopods use to crush their food?
A cephalopod is considered ______ because it is free swimming/moving.
Class Cephalopoda have a ______ flow, which is not as efficient.
How many hearts do Cephalopods have?
How do gastropods move?
What is the anus used for?
What is a trait of class polyplaceophora
How does HAM movw
Class scaphopoda have what kind of shell
How may overlapping plates does a polyplaceophora have
How are Scallops differnt from other bivalvs in terms of locomotion

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