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Forced Order
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My family don't see me more, that's growing up And now they call me c4, I'm blowing up So if you sitting on seesaws you going upPep Rally
But I see that you've been faking, baby I know how to make it In America, doing what we love and we passionate Your girl is cashing in, Kourtney KardashianAll American
Cause you would cheat to the system how you came and Bernie Madoff I'm a firm believer that the hard work pays off The playoffsPep Rally
That's oldschool, no city bank Got another girl all she listens to is Chiddy Bang Everyone around me keep complaining that the city changeLeap Year
From the top of my lungs, made it on to the honor roll Your boy made it, the education was worth it I know you paying for dinner, but let me pay for desertAll American
Wake up on the beach now, we everywhere you wanna be now, I just had a dream I clould be a grownup friends tellin me Im gonna pop like sodaPep Rally
I'm just tryna make you mine quick But ever since I put you in my line-up All I do is choke: HeimlichAll American
You can't open up unless I open up my wallet Leaving near the bedroom, taking your deposit Had a name once, must have dropped itLeap Year
So nowadays when I call you just to speak I hear a lot of empty spaces in between I see a lot of empty faces in your life Leap Year
So name a city that I'm in and I run that It's all trickery play the hickory dickery Every chick that be into me try to Jeremy Lin with meAll American
It's kind of funny, we all chasing the money tree Son of a bitch, cause bitches want to have sons of meAll American
I'm never indecisive, I'm team Jacob I'm never into fighting your team Wake up so alone They've never been invited to the places that I crash or the room I spend the night inLeap Year
They build me up and fix me Throw me out like I'm a frisbee But my whole team got that distance And your whole team might be historyLeap Year
They wanna call me up they wanna hear me speak the kid that had to change his phone like every weekPep Rally
And I been gifted since a youth like I'm at Julliard When we were younger, you were cooler, you and your friends used to rule the yardPep Rally
Call her Cee-Lo cause she crazy and her arms are kinda short Got a traffic ticket once, but she didn't go to court And she interrupts my sessions every time that I recordLeap Year
Oh you on Myspace? That use to be my ****. So who’s killin’ the game? Who’s the culprit? I be working like I’m Anders Holmvick.All American
AlbumSong NameLyrics
Some stare at me but you stare through me This ain't my first time don't think I'm a noobie I got a minute let's get in it like a room keyPep Rally
I wonder if they'll hear it, if they'll notice if they ever wind up being My oppenent if I open up a beverage line Cause I'm thirsty, and I drink slow And I hate Spiderman tooLeap Year
Well, then you can really call me Einstein Because we dropping out the beat when I rhymeLeap Year
People wanna run around and just pass the rock I got buzz for light years Aren't you the astronaut? Well yeah that's me Pep Rally
Teenage witches with the Visas, Mastercards and Listerine Got me so stressed one day i will look like mr clean Leap Year
Bitches wanna play the field, so I just call them Airbud All these rappers stuck inside the box like an airduct Leap Year
So maybe I won't make it as an athlete But that don't mean I'll let the competition pass me Im money ball, Billy Beane and some skinny jeansAll American
Cheap wine plus the smell of some cigarettes Goldilocks, there's another one in my bed Let's keep the lights off, undercover, infraredLeap Year
Let me take you to American Apparel Ooh, Abercrombie, nah Aeropostale Mothers seem to love me, yeah I'm Eddie HaskelllLeap Year
No kathy lee, we don't need a sweatshop, 'cause every time we drop a track, people get hot.Pep Rally
Damn, well put, that's the way it goes I know you say that you love him, but that was days ago I moved to London and tried to find me a Daisy LoweAll American
She went from Heidi Klum into hide the close-ups. And now that I assume, everybody takin' posters and glamour shotsLeap Year
I was so convinced that I let the rest debate I known a lot of girls, always said its best to wait I never been a Snoop, dog Don't investigatePep Rally
Joel McHale, she up in my community, Turn me on than turnin me like mutiny. But I be livin in the land of opportunity.Pep Rally
worst case I'll be back in four years just to run again now I be the running man I deliver goods don't cater **** hot. Someone turn up the A.C Slater if notPep Rally

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