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What are the names of the four band members?Hint: there's four of them
When was the first album Fix Me released?Hint: In October of 06, but what day also
When is Josh Ramsay's birthday?Hint: June __
What are Josh's sisters names?Hint: He has four sisters
Where do the guys originate from?Hint: Somewhere in Canada
What was Lover Dearest written about?
What does Matt hate the most about Josh?
When was the Desperate Measures video released?
Who plays Queen Carolina and Princess Porcelain?
What is Masterpiece Theatre's lead single?
What month and year was Cross My Heart released as a single?
Why didn't Josh finish high school?
When was Masterpiece Theatre released?
True or False: Did Josh ever have bulimia?
When is Matt Webb's birthday?
When is Ian Casselman's birthday?
When is Mike Ayley's birthday?
Who is the guy at the fruit stand in the Shake Tramp video?
What are the names of Josh Ramsay's parents?
How tall is Matt?(written like; ex 7 foot 2)
How tall and how much does Josh Ramsay weigh?(written like; ex 7 foot 2, 300 lbs)
When was the Director's Cut edition of Masterpiece Theatre released?
What were the four new songs that came out on the Director's Cut?(written like; song, song, song and song)
What are the singles from Masterpiece Theatre in order by release date?
What Christmas song did Josh cover in 2010?
What is the name of Matt's solo EP, released in 2011?
On Josh's solo EP, Coming Home, what is the third track?
What is the second song on Matt's EP?
What is one song on Marianas Trench's Self Titled EP?
What video features Josh dancing in his underwear? LOL
What song is the closer from Masterpiece Theatre?
What song is the Fix Me opener?
What song is the Ever After closer?
What is the eighth song on Ever After?
What is the sixth song on Fix Me?
What is the fifth song on Masterpiece Theatre?
How old is Mike?
How old is Ian?
How old is Matt?
How old is Josh?
What house did Josh grow up in?
Which song did Josh mainly write about his childhood?
What is Mike's full name? first to last
What is Ian's full name? first to lasthe has no middle name
What is Matt's full name? first to lastLike Ian, he has no middle name
What is Josh's full name? first to last
True or False: Josh sang the Transformers: Rescue Bots theme song
True or False: Ian was considered 'Mister Funny Man' behind the drums once
True or False: Josh sang the song 'Always You,' which was featured in the movie Air Bud
What was their first single?In 2006

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