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Forced Order
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You'll most likely never guess who I am because me and my colorful coat went straight to VCR/DVD
A Bug's Life rip-off, or was A Bug's Life the rip-off? Hmm?
Despite all my intense training, I'm still fat after one movie
Sonic got owned by a snail high on car oil
Come on a journey with the most disappointing pirate since Long John Silver who falls in love with his best friend's fiancee in 10 days
Meet a team that consists of a Russian soldier, an Australian 'kangaroo', a half-bird half-human, a mute golden man, and a very attractive boy who made having ice powers cool
Go on an adventure with four zoo animals who land in their natural habitat and, somehow, are still not back in New York after 3 movies
I'm blue, I'm handsome, I don't get top heavy, and I have Michael Jackson background music
Meet a young boy whose voice does not match his body, but you still want to be him because he has a giant pet lizard that flies
I'm ugly, I'm sarcastic, I'm the bad ass of the forest, and I got a girlfriend (princess) before you
Bee prepared to bee upset with the idea of beeing human beecause of what we did to a smaller species
Meeting the in-laws has never been better!
Lets be honest, I did not teach a damn thing about being a family travelling together cross country
Realize that you wasted so much money watching animals try to go over a bush when they could easily go through it into human civilization
Be enchanted by the story that inspired millions of Americans that their size does not matter for they too can become a Dragon Warrior
Be witness to the best bromance the world has ever known when two very attractive men search for gold
Enjoy the movie that makes you feel like a dick for being human after following the tale of a yellow stallion
As one of the most popular childhood stories of all time, I prove that carrying a snake turning stick can defeat a king

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