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English verbFrench -er verb
to stay
to waste
to win, to earn
to ask (for)
to bring (something)
to introduce
to heat, to warm
to spend (time), to pass (by), to take (a test)
to fish
to count
to lend
to scream, to shout
to wash
to tell (a story), to narrate
to go up
to find
to empty
to chat
to push, to grow
to guess
English verbFrench -er verb
to return (home)
to fly, to steal
to spend (money)
to joke
to cost
to bring (something) back
to cry
to joke, to laugh
to borrow
to forget
to look for, to go get
to show
to skate
to chew
to keep, to look after
to order (food, a product on a website)
to light, to turn on, to illuminate
to wear, to carry (things)
to compose (music), to dial (a phone number)
to add

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