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The Original Flapper; her early death was Hollywood's first major scandal.
Spent 10 days in jail for speeding, this star made a smooth transition from silent pictures to talkies.
Zeigfeld Follies. The Merry Widow. Bee-Stung Lips.
The only actress to win an Academy Award for three performances all in the same year.
During her reign, she was called 'The Queen of Comedy' and 'The Female Chaplin'.
Hollywood was reluctant to give this actress a starring role because of her ethnicity, and was stuck playing stereotypical 'dragon lady' characters.
Although a major star during the silent era, she is best known for her 1950 Oscar nominated performance.
F. Scott Fitzgerald said: While he was the spark that lit up Flaming Youth, this actress was the torch.
The first sex symbol of her time, she helped to popularize the 'vamp'.
Considered the most beautiful actress of the silent era, later in life this eccentric personality would claim to be her own younger sister.
She started the famous Hollywood tradition when she accidentally stepped into wet cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.
Although Hollywood considered her lower class, no one can deny she had 'it'.
Often casted as a femme fatale, this actress changed her Irish surname to a more exotic sounding name to fit her screen persona.
Nicknamed the 'Goddess of the Screen', this actress married into an acting family dynasty.
With her blunt bobbed haircut, this star's German work is her most revered.
A popular actress of her time, she most remembered for her hysterics at her lovers 1926 funeral.
The first screwball comedienne, her body of work usually is overshadowed by her relationship with a newpaper magnate.
Named the 'First Lady of the Silent Screen', her career spanned 75 years.
Was brought to Hollywood as part of her director's contract. She would then become one of filmdom's greatest stars and enduring icons.
Her film version of Snow White had a big impact on a young Walt Disney; his first feature length animated film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
This popular star was considered 'The Queen of Adult Society Dramas'.
The death of her director-turned-lover ruined her once flourishing career.
She became a star under her director husband; made one talkie and abruptly left the screen.
This 'girl', 'who was too beautiful' lived an extravagant, fast paced Hollywood lifestyle and died during her career at the tender age of 29.
Often typecasted as 'an upscale society girl', Frances Marion is credited with renaming this star.
This pioneering actress was the first international movie star. She was instrumental in creating a movie studio alongside two other superstar stars and a well respected director.
She did all her own stunts and is associated with doing serials.

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