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Lost his thumb and index finger due to a prop bomb.
Born in Switzerland, he is widely conisidered to be the greatest actor of the silent era.
He was once a gifted athlete. Called 'The Screen's Most Perfect Lover', he became addicted to morphine and became one of Hollywood's first big scandals when I died in 1923.
Son of deaf, mute parents, this actor is known for portraying unusal and frightening characters.
Matinee idol who was the first to be called 'King of the Movies'.
One night in Frisco with an aspiring actress caused a major scandal and ruined his career.
Some might consider him the greatest actor of his generation, sadly his drinking problem, and womanizing ways are what people most remember him for.
At the height of his career he was as well known as 'The King of Hollywood' and 'The Tramp', but is best known today for his 1957 Oscar nominated performance
Called 'The King of Hollywood', he hosted the first Academy Awards ceremony.
Known for his facial expression, he is widely considered one of the greatest actor-directors in the history of cinema.
His death at a young age would cause mass hysteria: there were even reports of suicides among his female fans.
Oscar nominated actor who replaced Robert Harron as D.W. Griffith's new protege.
His decline was the insipration for the character Norman Maines in A Star Is Born.
As a young child, this actor was sent to live in an orphanage by his mother who could not care for five children. Once he hit Hollywood, he became a stuntman working for D.W. Griff
Known as 'The Great Lover', this high profiled actor struggled to make a smooth transition to talkies.
His on-screen character is the most imitated on all levels of entertainment. He is the only person to win a Special Award 'for versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing
His career was cut short due to his 'preference'; he later became an interior designer to the Hollywood elite.
The Tramp was heavily influence by him, calling him his 'master', he(Tramp), his 'student'.
This pioneering actor is best known for his 1915 role as a colonel.
Popular as a screen lover, his most famous role was recreated by Charlton Heston some 34 years later.
Hollywood's first superstar in the western genre, he helped paved the way for future screen cowboys.
His 'trademark' facial feature was the result of a football injury, and is best known for his performance in an early talkie war epic.

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