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Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt agreed the Soviet Union would enter the war against Japan at this conference.
Where were wartime trials against the Axis leaders held?
In 1949, the US, Canada, and 10 other countries formed a military alliance called what?
Billions of dollars in US aid helped war shatter Europe recover rapidly. This was known as..
What bound Hitler and Stalin to peaceful relations?
What was the invasion of Britain called?
What was it called when Germany invades Soviets
Who led the allied forces in the pacific as they began to press forward to Japan?
Women were symbolized by what character?
Planes were launched out by what in the Battle of Coral Sea?
Question Answer
Which American general led D-Day?
A week after the Nazi Soviet Pact was created, what country did German forces invade?
What was the German airforce called?
What was the bombing of London for 57 nights called?
When did WWII begin?
Where did Japan go into in 1931?
Where did Germans set up a puppet state?
What was the secret project concerning the atomic bomb?
What was opposition to all war?
What are detention centers for civilians called?

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