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Can you name the Oscar nominees whose names are three words long?

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Year (Category)Actor/ActressMovie
1939 (Best Supporting Actress)'Drums Along the Mohawk'
1954 (Best Supporting Actress) *'On the Waterfront'
1970 (Best Actor)'The Great White Hope'
1980 (Best Actress)'Ordinary People'
1982 (Best Supporting Actress)'Victor Victoria'
1985 (Best Supporting Actor)'Out of Africa'
1986 (Best Supporting Actress)'The Color of Money'
1988 (Best Actor)'Stand and Deliver'
1991 (Best Supporting Actor)'JFK'
1993 (Best Supporting Actor) *'The Fugitive'
1996 (Best Actor)'Sling Blade'
1996 (Best Actress)'The English Patient'
1997 (Best Actress)'The Wings of the Dove'
1998 (Best Supporting Actor)'A Simple Plan'
1999 (Best Supporting Actor)'The Sixth Sense'
Year (Category)Actor/ActressMovie
1999 (Best Supporting Actor)'The Green Mile'
2000 (Best Supporting Actress) *'Pollock'
2003 (Best Supporting Actress)'Mystic River'
2004 (Best Actress)'Maria Full of Grace'
2004 (Best Supporting Actor)'Sideways'
2005 (Best Actor) *'Capote'
2006 (Best Supporting Actor)'Little Children'
2007 (Best Actor)'In the Valley of Elah'
2007 (Best Supporting Actor)'Charlie Wilson's War'
2008 (Best Supporting Actor)'Doubt'
2010 (Best Supporting Actress)'The King's Speech'
2012 (Best Supporting Actor)'The Master'
2013 (Best Supporting Actor)'Lincoln'
2015 (Best Supporting Actress)'The Hateful Eight'

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