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QUIZ: Can you name the boys' names that are also movie titles, based on the actors and hints provided??

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Actor (Year)Movie Title/NameFamous Example
Richard Harris (1993)_______ Lincoln
Hugh Dancy (2009)____ Sandler
Morten Gundel (1998)______ Einstein
Ricardo Colares (1991)____ Clare
Sven Wollter (1995)______ Hitchcock
David LaTerre (1985)____ Griffith
Charlie Talbert (1995)_____ T. Jones
Carlucci Weyant (2012)________ Franklin
Mickey Rooney (1981)____ Murray
Dave Fraunces (2006)_____ Fischer
Luke Goss (2004)_______ Chaplin
Martin Short (1994)________ Shull
Timothy Hutton (1983)______ Day-Lewis
Nathaniel Parker (1997)_____ Bowie
Alec Medlock (2001)______ Quaid
Rolv Wesenlund (1970)_______ Fairbanks
Yves Reuland (2010)____ Jannings
Mickey Rourke (1989)_________ Redi
Michael Fassbender (2013)_____ Sinatra
Vincent Lindon (1997)____ Astaire
Andy Whitfield (2007)_______ Byrne
Ratko Glavina (1976)________ Ribisi
Asa Butterfield (2011)____ Chávez
Matthew Modine (1994)_____ Underwood
Robby Benson (1973)______ Renner
Jürgen Jung (1970)________ Papelbon
Paul Mercurio (1995)______ Conrad
Jacob Kogan (2007)______ Morrow
Christopher Eccleston (1996)____ Law
Duncan Casey (2012)_______ Branagh
Actor (Year)Movie Title/NameFamous Example
Dean Stockwell (1950)___ Weiskopf
Frederic Forrest (1974)_____ McMurtry
Dustin Hoffman (1974)_____ Kravitz
Anthony Coleman (2010)_____ Vuitton
Corey Haim (1986)_____ Grabeel
Colin Friels (1986)_______ X
Ross Kurt (2006)______ Aurelius
John Amplas (1976)______ Lawrence
James Wilby (1987)_______ Sendak
John Cusack (2002)___ Pacioretty
Leif Fuller (2009)______ Belli
John Travolta (1996)_______ Jackson
Shawn Salinas (2004)______ Spillane
Tilda Swinton (1992)_______ Bloom
Jim Mulholland (1991)_____ Pistorius
Robert Thompson (1978)_______ Roy
Seth Rogen (2011)____ McCartney
Jamie Foxx (2004)___ Romano
Dirk Bogarde (1968)_________ Vettel
Alan Ladd (1953)_____ Doan
Alan Arkin (1980)_____ Cowell
Seth MacFarlane (2012)___ Danson
Shawn Ashmore (2005)_____ Gilliam
Mel Gibson (1979)___ Robbins
Anthony Hopkins (1999)_____ Bramble
Roger Daltrey (1975)_____ LaSorda
Pavel Povrazník (1996)______ Barker
John Hurt (1987)_______ Kartheiser
Ian McKellen (1982)______ Matthau
Hubert Persicke (1962)_____ DeVille

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