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Can you name the girls' names that are also movie titles, based on the actresses and hints provided?

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Actress (Year)Movie Title/NameFamous Example
Vanessa Redgrave (1979)______ Christie
Mia Farrow (1990)_____ B. Toklas
Ariana Dubynin (2009)______ Plummer
Geena Davis (1994)_____ Dickinson
Sally Kirkland (1987)____ Paquin
Nicole Fox (2013)______ Olsen
Nina Hoss (2012)_______ Walters
Julie Delpy (1987)________ Straight
Jordanne Dundas (2009)_______ Keilar
Jessica Tandy (1994)_______ Belle
Heather Paige Kent (1998)_____ Simon
Laura del Sol (1983)______ Miranda
Tessa Humphries (1985)_________ Bankson
Birgit Doll (1981)_________ Brontë
Amanda Seyfried (2009)_____ Sevigny
Nicki Aycox (2010)_________ Aguilera
Dorothy McGuire (1943)_______ Schiffer
Ruby Keeler (1936)_______ McCullough
Elizabeth Taylor (1947)_______ Nixon
Naomi Watts (2013)_____ Ross
Lana Turner (1956)_____ Keaton
Jean Simmons (1979)_________ Moceanu
Koo Stark (1976)_____ Blunt
Sophie Vavasseur (2002)______ Ashford
Jessica Lange (1982)_______ Perkins
Isabelle Huppert (2005)_________ Union
Mare Winningham (1995)_______ O'Keeffe
Gena Rowlands (1980)______ Steinem
Ashley Judd (2009)_____ Hunt
Judi Dench (2001)____ Murdoch
Actress (Year)Movie Title/NameFamous Example
Charlotte Greenwood (1915)____ Austen
Lisa Pelikan (1978)________ Lopez
Leeanna Walsman (2004)_______ Alba
Tilda Swinton (2008)_____ Roberts
Doris Day (1956)_____ Andrews
Sissy Spacek (1975)_________ Heigl
Shirley Temple (1941)________ Quinlan
Gabrielle Anwar (1999)________ Wyatt
Gene Tierney (1944)_____ Ingalls Wilder
Staci Keanan (1990)____ Kudrow
Dominique Swain (1997)______ Davidovich
Spring Byington (1950)______ May Alcott
Hatty Jones (1998)________ Kahn
Allison Mack (2011)_______ Monroe
Glynnis O'Connor (1982)_______ Griffith
Elisabeth Shue (1999)_____ Shannon
Leslie Caron (1978)______ Kidman
Loretta Young (1952)_____ Abdul
Christina Ricci (2006)________ Spheeris
Joan Fontaine (1940)_______ Romijn
Helen Westley (1935)_______ Flack
Martha Plimpton (1992)________ Mathis
Claudia Cardinale (1965)______ Oh
Jennifer Lawrence (2013)______ Williams
Brittany Bristow (2010)______ Marceau
Gwyneth Paltrow (2003)______ Plath
Jenna Dewan (2005)______ Witmer
Nastassja Kinski (1979)____ Harper
Barbara Loden (1970)_____ Sykes
Natasha Richardson (1993)_____ Fitzgerald

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