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Can you name the NHL teams these facts related to at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft?

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This team selected...TeamPlayer(s) in Question
a pair of Gatineau Olympiques teammates, one from Russia and one from Canada.
a Swedish forward with the last overall pick.
a player who redeemed another franchise with the same initials.
a former member of the OJHL's Kingston Voyageurs.
a Swiss player whose last name is twelve letters long.
a player in whom they had great 'belief.'
a player who won an award that had not been won by an eighteen-year-old in 22 years.
a player with two last names, the second being only two letters long.
both players who led the CHL in scoring during the regular season.
a player who is an OHL teammate of their 2014 third-round pick.
a player who has the same first name as Cher's son.
a player with the same name as another player chosen in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft by a different team.
the first NHL draft pick to be born in mainland China.
a Latvian, a Ukrainian-born Swede and a Russian-born Canadian.
a Sea Dog, a Bronco, and a Greyhound, one after the other.
This team selected...TeamPlayer(s) in Question
three goaltenders from three different countries: Sweden, Slovakia and Russia.
a player from each of the WHL's 'Prince' teams.
a player with a fourteen-letter-long, hyphenated French first name.
the oldest player in the draft, a 21-year-old Finnish defenceman.
the player who scored the Memorial Cup-winning goal in 2015.
a player who was traded in the OHL for a player with the same name as a top prospect of another Original Six team.
a Swiss CHL import with their first-round pick for the second consecutive year.
the Sherbrooke Phoenix franchise games played leader.
a player whose first and last names both begin with 't' and end with 'y.'
a player whose last name, if completely capitalized, would be the abbreviation of a professional hockey league.
a player who was born in the Netherlands.
a Swiss goaltender with a two-word, fifteen-letter-long last name.
a player whose last name is a soft fiber.
two players whose names both begin and end with the letter 'a.'
a Swedish player whose last name sounds like it begins with 'sh' but begins with a different letter.

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