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'Now I was barley 17, with a pocket full of hopes'
'I get my bitch Pregnant imma be a better you'
'Would you believe me if i said im in love'
'Maybe you could thug it out, learn what love is about'
'Cause he dont seem to want you back and its got you asking'
'You knew me before the fame, dont lose me the more I change.'
'**** sayin' live fast, die young, so I drive slow'
'And carry 4 fives like change for a twenty'
'In my mommas civic, now im out here tryna get it'
'That blood type flowin through our veins is the same'
'Not a little **** doing big ol things'
'Get my dick wet but I never let it soak there'
'That im the perfect **** for her but maybe thats a lie'
'Hear my words and listen to my signal of distress'
'Some things you cant escape, like death, taxes, and a rape'

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