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Death SceneMovieCharacter
The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Bill
Froze to DeathJack Torrance
Fall from SkyscraperHans Gruber
Sucked into Airplane TurbineGustav Graves
Decapitated by Subway SignalHoward Payne
Natural DeathYoda
Grenade Launcher into Molten Metal PitT-1000
Sawed off Limbs and HeadKevin
Killed by SharkRussell Franklin
M14 Rifle SuicidePrivate Gomer Pyle
Death SceneMovieCharacter
Toilet DrowningPatty O'Brien
Liquid NitrogenBoris Grishenko
Stabbed by PlexiglassDr. Nick Riviera
Shot to Head/SuicideJosef Goebbels
Razor MeshAlderson
Oil Drum ExplosiveRachel Dawes
Industrial DrillBenny
Strangled by TowelDesh Bouksani
Chainsaw to throatJigsaw

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