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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these LOST questions?

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Forced Order
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What was the name of the flight attendant on Oceanic Flight 815?
Which Lostie first discovered the Pearl station?
What year did John Locke meet a young Charles Widmore?
Who began drawing the Blast Door Map in the Swan hatch?
What episode did Rousseau and Karl die in?
What did Jacob give to Jack in 'The Incident'?
Who is Daniel Faraday's mother?
What did Eko's stick say that lead Locke to find the Flame?
In what episode was Shannon 'killed' by the Smoke Monster?
What city is Dogen from?
According to Jeremy Bentham's passport, what city is he from?
Who rescued Jack from the cave collapse in season 1?
Who killed Matthew Abaddon?
What profession does Arzt have?
What actor plays Frank Lapidus?
How much money did Miles ask Ben for?
What is Marvin Candle's real name?
Who called Bernard 'Rambo'?
Who killed herself by jumping off of the freighter?
Which character did Jack first see moments after the crash?

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