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Can you name the Transformers Cybertron Characters?

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the leader of the Autobots
an ally to the autobots and guardian of time and space
transforms into robotic lion
the leader of Velocitron
transforms into Cybertron
transformed into an ambulance
transforms into an A-10 Warthog fighter jet
the leader of Gigantion
the leader of Jungle Planet
the 4 minicons who travel with the guardian of time and space
he wants to be the decepticon leader
transforms into a robotic wolf
transforms into a robotic rhinoceros
transforms into a robotic lion, execpt he's dark
the leader of planet earth
transforms into a Bugatti Veryon
transforms into a three-wheeled dragster
transforms into a ciment mixer
transforms into an earth motorcycle
transforms into a speedboat
transforms into a Su-27 Flanker
transforms into a motorcycle
transforms into a dragster
transformed into a half-track missile launcher vehicle
transformed into a swift sportscar
transforms into a cargo plane
transforms into a convertible sports car
transforms into a payloader
transforms into a monster truck
transforms into a robotic pteranodon
transforms into a robotic spinosaurus
transforms into a giant excavation machine
he can be on both Autobot and Decepticon
transforms into a stealth jet fighter
transforms into a battery bomb
Autobot, joined the Decepticons and rejoined the Autobots
the leader of the Decepticons

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