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occurs when species competing for similar scarce resources evolve specialized traits that allow them to share resources by using parts of them, using them at different times, or us
variations in a species physical and chemical environment
the maximum population of a given species that a particular habitat can sustain indefinitely
occurs when members of two or more species interact to gain access to the same limited resources such as food, water, light, and space
species that feeds directly off another
living organism that is feed on by other species
physical or chemical qualities that are important to regulating population growth
occurs when a member of one species feeds directly on all or part of a member of another species
ecological principle that regulates population growth
case where the population of a species suffers a sharp decline
is an interaction that benefits one species but has little or no effect on the other
where the two species form a relationship with each other due to their role in feeding.
a group of interbreeding individuals of the same species
the combination of all factors that act to limit the growth of a population
the number of individuals in a population found in a particular area or volume
the normally gradual change in species composition in a given area
distribution of individuals among various ages
involves the gradual establishment of biotic communities in lifeless areas where there is no soil in a terrestrial ecosystem or no bottom sediment in an aquatic ecosystem
occurs when one organism feeds on another organism, usually by living on or in the host
is an interaction that benefits both species by providing each with food, shelter, or some other resource
when populations of two different species interact in such a way that changes in the gene pool of one species can lead to changes in the gene pool of the other
a series of communities or ecosystems with different species develop in places containing soil or bottom sediment
the ability of a living system such as a grassland or a forest to survive moderate disturbances
the ability of a living system to be restored through secondary succession after a more severe disturbance

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