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Can you name the things with the naming structure 'X for Y'?

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Singer of '100 Years' and 'Superman (It's Not Easy)'
A controversial organization seeking to convert members of a certain religion to Christianity
A first-person shooter where you and three others fight off the zombie hordes
Both an Alan Moore comic book and the Hugo Weaving movie based on it
A song from No, No, Nanette which is popular for tap dancers
A phrase meaning 'to wager everything'
The subtitle for the third Star Trek movie
Shakespearean comedy with the Duke and Angelo
US non-profit placing recent college graduates as educators in underprivileged schools
A series of racing video games from Electronic Arts
The organization in charge of public transit in the UK's capital, including the Underground
Often shortened to RFC, these documents have laid out such important protocols as TCP, IP, FTP, Gopher, PGP, and IP over Avian Carrier
A TV detective drama starring Robert Urich as the title character and Avery Brooks as Hawk
Daniel Keyes short story and novel about a mentally-disabled individual gaining exceptional intelligence
Dire Straits song with an early CGI music video
Comedy of manners by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with the characters of Sir Peter and Lady Teazle
2009 kids' movie starring Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, and, somehow, Don Cheadle
Songs by both Janet Jackson and Sister Hazel
The fictional musical in 'The Producers'
Samuel Beckett play starring Vladimir and Estragon
Hair coloring product targeted to males
2002 Academy Award-winning documentary by Michael Moore
A phrase referring to an anarchic or chaotic situation
Song by 3rd Party, which was more famously sung by Jennifer Lopez in 1999 on her debut album

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