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PlotEpisodeProduction Code
Philip J. Fry is accidentally cryogenically frozen and wakes up 1000 years into the future1ACV01
The Planet Express are sent to the moon for a delivery1ACV02
Fry looks for a place to stay, and Bender is hurt by his negligence1ACV03
On a mission, Leela meets Zapp Brannigan1ACV04
On a mission, Bender decides to stay on a planet inhabited by robots1ACV05
Fry, a newfound millionaire, attempts to buy the last sardines in the world1ACV06
Fry is elected king of a planet of water-based organisms1ACV07
The Professor's Smelloscope detects a giant mass of garbage heading for Earth1ACV08
Bender's decadent actions land him in Robot Hell1ACV09
The crew takes a luxury trip on the newly built Titanic1ACV10
At a university, Fry is challenged by the Professor's hyper-intelligent monkey1ACV11
A millenium-old fumble from Fry, leads to an invasion of Earth from Omnicron Persei 81ACV12
Fry wins tickets to visit the Slurm factory1ACV13
Bender is given an emotion chip that mimics Leela2ACV01
Zapp Brannigan is fired and is forced to work for Planet Express2ACV02
Richard Nixon's head steals Bender's body to run for President2ACV03
The crew huddle up for protections from the evil Santa Claus2ACV04
Zoidberg returns to his planet for mating season2ACV05
The crew meet Bender's identical twin, Flexo2ACV06
After a relationship, and an accident, Fry's head is implanted onto Amy's body2ACV07
Bender becomes a professional wrestler2ACV08
Leela meets the mysterious last member of her race...and marries him2ACV09
Dissatisfied with his life, the Professor unleashes his younger clone, Cubert2ACV10
Hermes is expelled, and Fry becomes involved with a beaurecrat2ACV11
The crew discover the lost city of Atlanta, and Fry falls for a mermaid2ACV12
Bender gets involved with the Robot Mafia2ACV13
PlotEpisodeProduction Code
Farnsworth is forced to seduce Mom to save the world2ACV14
The newest food craze turns out to be the young of the aliens from Omnicron Persei 82ACV15
What if Bender was 500 feet talls, Leela were more impulsive, and Fry never came to the future?2ACV16
Earth is at war, and Fry and Bender enlist2ACV17
By night, Bender is transformed into a murderour car2ACV18
Fry's ex-girlfriend is unfrozen2ACV19
The crew crash land on a planet of Amazonian women3ACV01
Fry is infested with life-improving parasites3ACV02
Bender attempts to replace Santa Claus3ACV03
Fry tracks down his old seven-leaf-clover3ACV04
Bender is reprogrammed as a penguin on Pluto3ACV05
Bender falls in love with Flexo's ex-wife3ACV06
Flying brains invaded, leaving everyone stupid, except the immune Fry3ACV07
Zoidberg teams up with his silent holo-fim-era Uncle Zoid for a film3ACV08
Leela is surgically given a second eye, as Bender adopts many orphans3ACV09
The Wong Family Buggalo are wrastled3ACV10
Fry is placed in a robot insane asylum3ACV11
Cubert and Dwight start a very successful paper route3ACV12
Bender teams up with Beck's head to become a folk singer3ACV13
A time anomaly causes time to periodically skip forward3ACV14
Fry hooks up with a robot projection of Lucy Liu3ACV15
Leela becomes a world-famous pitcher3ACV16
Bender becomes Pharoah of an Egyptian planet3ACV17
What if Bender was human, the world was a videogame, and Leela was from Oz3ACV18
The crew go back in time, and land in Roswell, New Mexico3ACV19
Bender, lost in space, becomes a God to a miniature race3ACV20
PlotEpisodeProduction Code
An eighties stock broker is unfrozen and takes over Planet Express3ACV21
Bender is taught how to cook3ACV22
Kif becomes pregnant with Leela's DNA4ACV01
Leela is reunited with her parents4ACV02
Bender falls in love with the Planet Express Ship4ACV03
Fry, Leela, and Bender form a superhero team4ACV04
Zoidberg is prosecuted for eating the American flag4ACV05
Bender becomes a television icon on All My Circuits4ACV06
Fry finds the fossil of his old dog, Seymour4ACV07
Robots are blamed for global warming, and marked for destruction4ACV08
The crew are mutated to younger versions of themselves4ACV09
Fry is recruited to save the universe from flying brains4ACV10
The crew visit a planet with the original Star Trek crew imprisoned there4ACV11
Fry is killed by a giant bee sting, and Leela dreams he is still alive4ACV12
Bender is given a gender change and falls in love with Calculon4ACV13
Bender visits an island of obsolete robots and joins them4ACV14
The Professor creates a box containing an alternate universe4ACV15
The crew is each given $300 and spends it in different, interconnected ways4ACV16
Aliens abduct Fry and steal his nose to sell as an aphrodisiac4ACV17
Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil, for his hands, to play music4ACV18
Scammers take over the Planet Express, and use a tattoo on Fry to travel back in time to steal everything5ACV01-04
An amorous planet-sized tentacle creature invades the Universe5ACV05-08
Bender becomes obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons5ACV09-12
Eco-feminists threaten the Wong Family plans5ACV13-

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