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This Is a Muse Demo (1995)
Newton Abbot Demo (1997)
Uno (1999)
Cave (1999)
Muscle Museum (1999)
Sunburn (2000)
Unintended (2000)
Plug in Baby (2001)
New Born (2001)
Bliss (2001)
Feeling Good/Hyper Music (2001)
Dead Star/In Your World (2002)
Time Is Running Out (2003)
Hysteria (2003)
Sing for Absolution (2004)
Supermassive Black Hole (2006)
Starlight (2006)
Invincible (2007)
Uprising (2009)
Resistance (2010)
Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) (2010)
Halloween 2016 Special
8th Studio Album
1 Love (2002) 
The Supermassive Collection (2007) 
Resistance Tour Intro 
First Played: January 2010 
Played: June 2010 
First Played: September 2012 
First Played: April 2014 
Played: September 2015 at BBC Radio 
Recorded in 2006 

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