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Jack Crawford1991
Mr. Pink1992
Buster Green1993
Amon Goeth1993
Captain Koons1994
Jimmy Gator1999
Warden Samuel Norton1994
Tracy Mills1995
Shep Proudfoot1996
Jackie Threehorn1998
Hannah Gill1998
Marla Singer1999
Dr. Malcolm Crowe1999
Jenny Curran1994
Lenny Weinrib1995
Guy Foucard1997
Dawn Lockard1994
Jimmy Tosnia1995
Laura Palmer1992
Irene Cassini1997
Ouisa Kittredge1993
Harley Stone1992
Jacob Fuller1996
Fred Karno1992
Jack Brigance1996
Caledon 'Cal' Hockley1997
Charlie Simms1992
Herb Stempel1994
Marianne Dashwood1995
David Helfgott 1996
Dr. Sean Maguire1997
Captain Fred Hamill1998
Paul Edgecomb1999
Curt Wild1998
Principal Max Anderson1995
Hawkeye/Nathaniel Poe1992
Henry Hill1990
Monsieur Toilettes1995
Jack Horner1997

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