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Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th person to hold which spiritaul and political title?Enthroned at the age of 15
Emperor Showa became the title of which Japanese emperor after his death?Reigned during WWII
This powerful Russian monarch reigned for more than 30 years after her husband's assassination According to her legacy, she was Great
King Haakon VII of Norway was not from Norway. Where was he from?His brother was King Christian X of...
King George V's two elder sons were kings, his third son was Governor General of Australia from 1945 to 1947. Who was he?Not the Duke of Kent
This Argentinian dictator is best known in the West for her glamorous wife EvaDied in 1974
Marcus Aurelius' son reigned with and after him until his assassination in 192 AD. Who was he?Antagonized in a 2000 oscar winning film
Who was the Secretary General of the UN from 1997 to 2006Born in Ghana
Who became the first ever Labour Prime Minister the UK in 1924?Preceded and suceeded by Stanley Baldwin
Who did Adolf Hitler appoint as Chancellor in his will? Commited suicide less than a day later
Adrian IV became pope in 1154. He remains the only pope of wich nationality?Not a catholic country since the 16th century
In 1910 Portugal became a republic after exiling her last king. Who was he?Died in the UK at the age of 42
Who became in 2000 Mexico's first democratically elected president?His surename is also an animal popular for hunting
Who was the last Vice President of the United States to become President?Vice President to Ronald Reagan
This Bulgarian former prime minister was also the last Tsar in the world, deposed in 1946 Prime minister form 2001 to 2005
Who is the 5th in line to the british throne?He is a second son
This 'Prince of the Church' became its monarch in 2005His reign ended in 2013
Which polish president died in an air crash in 2010?He had a twin brother
Andorra is headed by two non royal co-princes, one is the Bishop of Urgell. Who is the other one?Elected every 5 years, although not by the Andorran people
Pedro Lascurain was president for 45 minutes. The shortest in the history of any country. He was president of wich country?Latin American country

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