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Can you name the Dawn of War Units by Quotes?

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Do you hear the voices too!?
Identify the enemy you wish to annihilate
I am ready to serve, again
Their defeat is not a matter of when, but how!
Left, left, left, right, left
Khaine, guide our blades!
Eat plasma fire!
The burden of leadership lies with us
Their ashes will litter the battlefield
I have sworn to fight for the Tau
Just as Falcon brought Anaris to Eldanesh, we bring warriors to the front
My life if forfeit
I shall call it forth from the warp
Dance, humie, dance
I fixed some stuff wile we were gettin ere, probly didnt break nuffin important though
Break their backs!
I will preach his name!
Witness the glory of the emperor through me!
An open mind is like a fortress with is gates unbarred and unguarded
Shas'o ready to take command
Stomp em flat
See your death in my eyes, Mon-Keigh
Keep that ammo comin!
Do not trifle with me, worm
Construction matrix engaged
Please, no more kicking
This world moves so slowly
I am the emperor's will made manifest!
I fly for the craftworld
Who shall feel my trident?
That was unpleasant
Were back, and better than ever!

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