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Can you name the Fallout's Brotherhood of Steel?

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The BoS was founded by?A Captain in the US Military
Where was the BoS' first headquarters?Reached in November, 2077
The BoS were led to this base in a journey known as?Many civilians are killed by raiders
Name of the order in charge of records and research?They develop the technology
Name of the order in charge of weaponry?They build the technology
Name of the order in charge of protecting the BoS?And they use the technology
What is the rank of the leader of the BoS?The last known holder of this title is Rhombus
BoS warriors are equipped with what armor?Used by the military to turn the tide against the Chinese
In the 2150s the BoS decimated what raider group allowing them to establish ties with the Hub?The remains of this group can be found roaming in New Vegas
The Vault Dweller in 2162 convinces the BoS to send warriors with him to what base?Also the site of the creation of the Brotherhood
To beat the Master the Vault Dweller could obtain a holodisk showing that that Super Mutants were...?Found after studies on a dead mutant in 2162
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Where is the New Vegas BoS outpost located?After the defeat at HELIOS One
According to Fallout Tactics there is a outpost located in the remains of what city?Named the Brotherhood of Steel Midwest Division
The DC BoS detachment is based in what building?Was renamed the Citadel
When Elder Lyons changed the BoS mission what splinter group was formed?A name given to them by Elder Lyons and worn with pride
Who led the first known dissertion from the BoS in 2134?His remains are found in Fallout 1 in the West Tek facility.
What did Elder Lyons change the BoS mission to?Causing the DC Division to be cut off from the rest of the BoS
This is similar to the BoS' original directive, which was to use technology for what purpose?Although this was changed following the defeat of the Master
Elder McNamara succeeded who as leader of the New Vegas BoS?After his disappearance at HELIOS One
The last known descendent of the founder of the BoS is?The only known person with the rank Squire
Name one BoS member who can be recruited as a companion.There are only two in the entire series.

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'I'-Less European Capitals

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These capitals must have some sort of sonar or something.
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