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What avian horror movie came out in 1963?
Who directed the movies The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on the Left?
What horror movie was Jamie Lee Curtis's feature film debut?
Which 1980 film was directed by John Carpenter and starred Adrienne Barbeau?
What seasonal 1997 film was loosely based on a book by Lois Duncan?
Which actor played Freddy Krueger?
Which 1991 film starring Robert De Niro was a remake of the 1962 version?
Who portrayed Norman Bates in Psycho?
What Wes Craven film takes place in a town called Woodsboro?
What movie from 2010 is directed by James Wan, and stars Patrick Wilson?
Who plays the hitchhiker in the 1986 film The Hitcher?
Which actor starred in the movies House on Haunted Hill(1959), House of Wax(1953), and House of Usher(1960)?
What 1968 movie starring Duane Jones, dealt with zombies?
Who directed the movies Christine and They Live?
What 2002 movie was a remake of a Japanese film from 1998?
What movie involves camp counselors and Camp Crystal Lake?
What movie was adapted from a Stephen King novel and had a boy named Danny?
What 1980 haunted house movie stars George C. Scott?
What 1974 holiday movie is about a sorority being stalked?
What 1974 film directed by Tobe Hooper deals with cannibals?

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