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Name of the schoolPilot (1x01)
The Glee Club's namePilot (1x01)
'Offensive' song sung by the Glee Club in this episodeShowmance (1x02)
Glee Club members who joined in this episodeShowmance (1x02)
Name of the choreographer that the Glee Club hiresAcafellas (1x03)
Singer who attends the Acafellas' performanceAcafellas (1x03)
Position Kurt plays on the football teamPreggers (1x04)
Person who finds out she's pregnant in this episodePreggers (1x04)
Guest star who portrays April Rhodes The Rhodes Not Taken (1x05)
The Queen song that ends this episodeThe Rhodes Not Taken (1x05)
The boys' mash-upVitamin D (1x06)
The girls' mash-upVitamin D (1x06)
Song performed by Sue's KidsThrowdown (1x07)
Song performed by Will's groupThrowdown (1x07)
How many mash-ups are done by the Glee Club in this episode?Mash-Up (1x08)
Person Puck is dating in this episodeMash-Up (1x08)
The Glee Club raises money for a wheel chair accessible bus by selling theseWheels (1x09)
These characters battle for the solo at sectionalsWheels (1x09)
Finn has two solos in this episode. They areBallad (1x10)
Who is the first character Puck reveals he is the father of Quinn's baby to?Ballad (1x10)
According to Brittany, hairography is like cool what?Hairography (1x11)
Finn and Rachel reprise a duet in this episode. Name the song.Hairography (1x11)
Name the school yearbookMattress (1x12)
Name the store the Glee Club sings in an advertisement forMattress (1x12)
Who tells Finn that he is not the father of Quinn's baby?Sectionals (1x13)
The Glee Club's setlist was leaked to their competition by whom?Sectionals (1x13)
Which Tony award winning actress was introduced as a guest star in this episode?Hell-O (1x14)
Which Tony nominated actor was introduced as a guest star in this episode?Hell-O (1x14)
Which Glee Clubbers helped Sue perform Vogue and joined the Cheerios in this episode?The Power of Madonna (1x15)
Which character joins the Glee Club in this episode?The Power of Madonna (1x15)
Whose mom stars dating Kurt's dad in this episode?Home (1x16)
Which character becomes so hungry that she starts to see her friends as food?Home (1x16)
Who does Rachel cast as Joey in her music video for Run Joey Run?Bad Reputation (1x17)
What song do Artie, Kurt, Brittany, Tina, and Mercedes sing in the library?Bad Reputation (1x17)
What song does Rachel sing with laryngitis?Laryngitis (1x18)
Who is Mercedes dating in this episode?Laryngitis (1x18)
Which actor won an Emmy for guest starring as Bryan Ryan?Dream On (1x19)
What does Artie dream he could be?Dream On (1x19)
What artist do the girls and Kurt emulate for their Glee assignment?Theatricality (1x20)
Which band's songs do the boys sing for their Glee assignment?Theatricality (1x20)
Which faculty member tricks Sue into thinking he likes her?Funk (1x21)
Which characters slash the tires of Vocal Adrenaline's Land Rovers and are forced to get jobs at Sheets N' Things to pay for the damage?Funk (1x21)
What pivotal song does Will hear on his car radio? Journey (1x22)
Does the Glee Club win the 2010 Midwest Regional Competition?Journey (1x22)
Which character's musical talent is discovered by Finn while singing in the locker room showers?Audition (2x01)
Who does Tina fall in love with at Asian Camp, much to Artie's dismay?Audition (2x01)
Which former Full House actor guest stars as Emma's dentist and boyfriend, Carl Howell?Britney/Brittany (2x02)
What Britney Spears song does Will sing with the Glee Club at the school assembly?Britney/Brittany (2x02)
Who sees Jesus' face on a grilled cheese sandwich?Grilled Cheesus (2x03)
Which character has a heart attack?Grilled Cheesus (2x03)
Rachel and Finn offend the entire club with their interpretation of With You I am Born Again. What song did they originally plan on singing?Duets (2x04)
The prize of the duets competition is a free dinner at what restaurant?Duets (2x04)
Who originally played Rocky?The Rocky Horror Glee Show (2x05)
Who influences Will to choose Rocky Horror as the school musical?The Rocky Horror Glee Show (2x05)
What is the name of the actor who portrays rival show choir lead soloist, Blaine Anderson?Never Been Kissed (2x06)
Which character returns from juvie and uses Artie as his community service?Never Been Kissed (2x06)
What is the name of Gwyneth Paltrow's character, who fills in for Will when he gets the flu?The Substitute (2x07)
What food, loved by Mercedes Jones, does Principal Sue ban from the cafeteria?The Substitute (2x07)
Which characters become step-brothers in this episode?Furt (2x08)
Who does Sue marry in this episode? Furt (2x08)
To which school does Kurt transfer in this episode?Special Education (2x09)
She saves Puck from a port-a-potty and fills in for Kurt in the Glee ClubSpecial Education (2x09)
What does a teacher throw at the caroling Glee Club?A Very Glee Christmas (2x10)
Who rigs the Secret Santa and tries to steal the Glee Club's Christmas spirit?A Very Glee Christmas (2x10)
Who does Sue want to shoot out of a cannon? The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (2x11)
What do the Glee Club and football team dress up as for the half time show?The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (2x11)
Blaine wants the Warblers to perform hereSilly Love Songs (2x12)
He sets up a kissing booth and later is infected with mono by SantanaSilly Love Songs (2x12)
Sam, Mike, Puck, and Artie's new musical groupComeback (2x13)
Quinn tells Sam that she had to give Finn CPR because he was choking on a what?Comeback (2x13)
Who does Rachel kiss during spin the bottle?Blame It on the Alcohol (2x14)
Will drunk dials this character and leaves an embarrassing voicemail Blame It on the Alcohol (2x14)
Finn and Mercedes think these vegetables can cause AIDS. Sexy (2x15)
The Celibacy Club performs this song after it is misinterpreted by Emma Sexy (2x15)
Sue becomes the director of which show choir? Original Song (2x16)
These characters share their first kiss in this episode.Original Song (2x16)
Will suggests the Glee Club sell this to raise money for NationalsA Night of Neglect (2x17)
This character announces she is getting a divorceA Night of Neglect (2x17)
This character breaks Rachel's nose during dance rehearsalBorn This Way (2x18)
What is Quinn's real name?Born This Way (2x18)
Brittany's web show Rumours (2x19)
Quinn and Kurt help this character cope with homlessnessRumours (2x19)
Prom King Prom Queen (2x20)
Prom Queen Prom Queen (2x20)
Finn and Kurt help Sue cope with the death of this characterFuneral (2x21)
Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel, and this character battle for a solo at NationalsFuneral (2x21)
Does the Glee Club win Nationals?New York (2x22)
These two are revealed to be a couple at the end of the episodeNew York (2x22)
This character transfers to the school and joins the Glee ClubThe Purple Piano Project (3x01)
Throughout the course of the episode, these are ripped apart, covered in food, and set on fire. The Purple Piano Project (3x01)
This Glee Club is formed by Sugar and directed by ShelbyI Am Unicorn (3x02)
The school musical for this seasonI Am Unicorn (3x02)
His dad wants him to leave Glee Club because he got an A- on a chemistry testAsian F (3x03)
Her parents are introducedAsian F (3x03)
Irish foreign exchange student who Brittany thinks is a leprechaun Pot o' Gold (3x04)
He decides to run against Sue for congressPot o' Gold (3x04)
The football recruiter that Coach Beiste has a crush onThe First Time (3x05)
Name of the gay bar that Sebastian, Kurt, and Blaine go toThe First Time (3x05)
Brittany vows to end these if she is elected class presidentMash Off (3x06)
Finn is slapped by this character at the end of the episodeMash Off (3x06)
By stuffing the ballot box in favor of Kurt, this character can no longer perform at Sectionals.I Kissed a Girl (3x07)
2012 Senior Class PresidentI Kissed a Girl (3x07)
Sam's stripper nameHold On to Sixteen (3x08)
These characters join and rejoin the Glee Club while singing We Are YoungHold On to Sixteen (3x08)
Rachel names her charity pig thisExtraordinary Merry Christmas (3x09)
This Star Wars character makes an appearanceExtraordinary Merry Christmas (3x09)
These characters get engaged in this episode.Yes/No (3x10)
This character proposes, but does not get an answer in this episodeYes/No (3x10)
Who has to get eye surgery after being blinded by a slushie thrown by the Warblers?Michael (3x11)
What school did Quinn get accepted into?Michael (311)
Who guest stars as David Martinez in this episode?The Spanish Teacher (3x12)
Which subject does Will teach after this episode?The Spanish Teacher (3x12)
What are the names of Rachel's dads?Heart (3x13)
What does Sugar rename BreadstiX for her party?Heart (3x13)
This character attempts suicideOn My Way (3x14)
This character is in a car accident On My Way (3x14)
Matt Bomer guest stars as Blaine's brother, this character:Big Brother (3x15)
Quinn spends her Senior Skip Day with this characterBig Brother (3x15)
Finn decides he would like to become thisSaturday Night Glee-ver (3x16)
This person uploads a video of Mercedes to YouTube, which brings rave reviewsSaturday Night Glee-ver (3x16)
The Glee Club mourn over the loss of this celebrityDance With Somebody (3x17)
A picture of Rachel is put up in this person's lockerDance With Somebody (3x17)
Puck's dad appears and asks him for this amount of moneyChoke (3x18)
This character chokes during an audition for NYADAChoke (3x18)
Prom KingProm-asaurus (3x19)
Prom QueenProm-asaurus (3x19)
Feeling unappreciated, she falls into a fountain and bumps her headProps (3x20)
She stops a fight between Puck and RickProps (3x20)
2012 National Show Choir ChampionsNationals (3x21)
2012 Teacher of the YearNationals (3x21)
The characters who graduate in this episodeGoodbye (3x22)
The underclassmen sing this Beatles song to the graduatesGoodbye (3x22)
After auditions, she is the only character accepted into Glee ClubThe New Rachel (4x01)
Artie chooses this character as the New RachelThe New Rachel (4x01)
She is kicked off of the CheeriosBritney 2.0 (4x02)
He joins Glee ClubBritney 2.0 (4x02)
She guest stars as Isabelle WrightMakeover (4x03)
2013 Senior Class PresidentMakeover (4x03)
These couples end their relationships in this episodeThe Break Up (4x04)
This character proposes that Grease should be the school musicalThe Break Up (4x04)
Cast as DannyThe Role You Were Born to Play (4x05)
Cast as SandyThe Role You Were Born to Play (4x05)
This character takes over as interim Glee directorGlease (4x06)
She comes to help out the school musical by playing RizzoGlease (4x06)
Blaine's superhero nameDynamic Duets (4x07)
Who is the almighty Treble Clef?Dynamic Duets (4x07)
Who faints on stage?Thanksgiving (4x08)
Which Glee Club is disqualified? Thanksgiving (4x08)
Who is the winner of the Winter Showcase?Swan Song (4x09)
Who gets accepted into NYADA?Swan Song (4x09)
What is Burt's Christmas present for Kurt?Glee, Actually (4x10)
Who is Millie Rose's Secret Santa?Glee, Actually (4x10)
She plans the Sadie Hawkins DanceSadie Hawkins (4x11)
Marley asks him to the danceSadie Hawkins (4x11)
They visit Rachel in NYCNaked (4x12)
The name of the calendar the Glee Club sellsNaked (4x12)
She has a crush on Blaine and wins the Diva CompetitionDiva (4x13)
She moves in with Kurt and Rachel in NYCDiva (4x13)
She leaves Will at the altarI Do (4x14)
She thinks she might be pregnantI Do (4x14)
The 500th musical numberGirls (and Boys) On Film (4x15)
Santana thinks Brody is a what?Girls (and Boys) On Film (4x15)
Ryder feuds with herFeud (4x16)
Santana invites this character to NYC to help her get rid of BrodyFeud (4x16)
These characters take over Glee Club and give them the assignment this weekGuilty Pleasures (4x17)
The Glee Club is offended when Jake reveals his guilty pleasure is this singerGuilty Pleasures (4x17)
Brittany has the Glee Club sing More Than Words to this characterShooting Star (4x18)
This student brings a gun to school, and Sue takes the blameShooting Star (4x18)
Rachel sings this song at her audition and imagines her Glee Club friends sing it with herSweet Dreams (4x19)
This episode marks the last appearance of this character on the showSweet Dreams (4x19)
Santana decides she wants to be a what?Lights Out (4x20)
These characters reveal that they were molested when they were youngerLights Out (4x20)
The Glee Club pays tribute to this singerWonder-ful (4x21)
This character gets accepted into a film school in BrooklynWonder-ful (4x21)
Ryder founds out that she has been 'catfishing' him as KatieAll Or Nothing (4x22)
She gets accepted into MIT, prompting her to graduate earlyAll Or Nothing (4x22)
This character becomes principalLove, Love, Love (5x01)
These characters get engaged after a Beatles themed proposalLove, Love, Love (5x01)
Prom QueenTina in the Sky with Diamonds (5x02)
Rachel is cast as this role in Funny GirlTina in the Sky with Diamonds (5x02)
This episode is a memorial for this late actor who portrayed Finn HudsonThe Quarterback (5x03)
This character is the one who stole Finn's letterman jacketThe Quarterback (5x03)
These characters are the 'Gagas' who have to sing Katy PerryA Katy or a Gaga (5x04)
These characters are the 'Katys' who have to sing Lady GagaA Katy or a Gaga (5x04)
Rachel's tattoo is revealed at the end of the episode. What does it say?The End of Twerk (5x05)
These characters break up because one cheats on the otherThe End of Twerk (5x05)
These characters visit Kurt, Santana, and Rachel in NYC to plan their own futuresMovin' Out (5x06)
After meeting with Bitchette, guest star Tyra Banks, Sam decides he might want to be a what?Movin' Out (5x06)
After a gas leak, he starts seeing everyone as puppets.Puppet Master (5x07)
This character schedules Pamela Landsbury's first gig. Puppet Master (5x07)
These characters become elves at a mallPreviously Unaired Christmas (5x08)
At the end of the episode, this character agrees to play Mary in the Glee Club's live nativity scenePreviously Unaired Christmas (5x08)
Rachel's understudy for Funny GirlFrenemies (5x09)
Senior Class Valedictorian Frenemies (5x09)
The band's new name after Santana and Rachel are kicked out of Pamela LandsburyTrio (5x10)
This couple discovers they are having a babyTrio (5x10)
The Glee Club dedicates their Nationals setlist to himCity of Angels (5x11)
Winners of the 2013 National Show Choir ChampionshipCity of Angels (5x11)
This character finally succeeds in ending Glee Club100 (5x12)
The choir room is being turned into this100 (5x12)
These characters (finally) become a coupleNew Directions (5x13)
These characters (finally) graduate New Directions (5x13)
These recent alumni adjust to life in NYCNew New York (5x14)
She moves to NYC at the end of the episodeNew New York (5x14)
She quits NYADABash (5x15)
He gets beaten up and sent to the hospitalBash (5x15)
He tests positive for an STDTested (5x16)
He feels insecure about gaining his 'Freshman 15'Tested (5x16)
Will and Emma's baby's nameOpening Night (5x17)
She has her Broadway debutOpening Night (5x17)
The Fox pilot that Rachel auditions forThe Back-Up Plan (5x18)
Actress who plays JuneThe Back-Up Plan (5x18)
Glee actor who wrote this episodeOld Dog, New Tricks (5x19)
Name of Sam's new puppyOld Dog, New Tricks (5x19)
Blaine invites this character to sing with him during his showcaseThe Untitled Rachel Berry Project (5x20)
Rachel moves here at the end of the episodeThe Untitled Rachel Berry Project (5x20)

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