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Lyrics......Number of Words
Alright, stop3
Ice is back with his3
Flow like a harpoon3
Will it ever stop?4
Turn off the lights3
To the extreme7
Light up the stage and6
Dance, bum rush 4
I'm killing your brain4
Anything less than the best3
Love it or6
You better hit bull's eye3
If there was a problem4
Check out the hook4
Ice, ice baby4
Now that the 3
With the bass kicked in5
Quick to the point5
Cookin' MCs 5
Burnin' 'em if they ain't3
I go crazy 5
Lyrics......Number of Words
And a high-hat, with a 3
I'm on a roll5
With my rag top down5
Girlies on standby5
Did you stop?5
Kept on 5
I bust a left and I'm5
That block was dead, yo, so I continue to 3
Girls were hot wearing3
Rockman lovers2
Jealous 5
Shay with a gauge and4
Ready for the4
The chumps actin' up because5
I grab my nine5
Fallin' on the concrete2
Jumped in my car4
Bumper to bumper4
Tryin' to get away4
Police on the scene5
They passed me up 5
Lyrics......Number of Words
If you've got a problem4
Check out the hook4
Ice, ice baby4
Take heed, cause 4
Miami's on the scene7
My town6
Enough to shake and5
Cause my style's like3
Feasible rhymes you can 3
Conducted and formed, it's a4
We make it hype, and you 4
Shay plays 3
Slice like a ninja, 5
So fast4
If my rhyme was a drug6
Keep my composure6
Magnitized by the mic when4
If there was a problem4
Check out the hook4
Ice, ice baby4
Ice, ice baby4

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