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What month was Roberto Mancini born in?
How many consecutive victories did Mancini achieve while at Internazionale?
Mancini's place of birth
What year did Mancini sign for Sampdoria?
Who did Mancini make his Premier League debut against?
Which club did Mancini leave Leicester for (to manage)?
How many games has Mancini managed for Manchester City?
Who is Mancini's favourite actor?
What does the word 'manco' mean in Italian?
What trophy did Mancini secure playing for Sampdoria against Manchester United?
How old was Mancini when he finally called a day on his long and successful playing career?
Who does Mancini consider his 'master'?
What did Mancini once state is his favourite scoreline
Name one club Mancini was linked to after he lost his job at Inter?
Whats the furthest Mancini has got in the Champions League as Manager?
Where was Mancini raised?
Name one of Mancini's many famous catchphrases?
In what year does Mancini's contract expire with City?
Who was the manager of AC Milan while Mancini managed Internazionale?
Mancini's world famous back heel goal came against which team?

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