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Born in
on (date)
Sexual Preference
Given Name
Favorite State
Favorite Number
Favorite Smiley
Favorite President
Kdr as of 09/26/2011
Favorite Brand of Juice
Favorite quote from the 20th century
Best Friend
Favorite Band of all time
Favorite Make of Car
Favorite Insult
Worked at
Most Hated Class in Bully
Favorite NFL team
Favorite NHL team
Favorite Socceer team
Favorite MLB team
Favorite Author
Favorite Cereal
Favorite Class to skip
Favorite Soda
Number of American Flags in my Basement
Facebook Password
Favorite Gun in MW2
Favorite Map in COD4
Rank in Halo 3 Multiplayer
Grade Average
Favorite Country
Favorite Drink
Cigarette of Choice
Poison of Preference
Favorite Beer
Favorite Pale Ale
Favorite Light Beer
Favorite Recreational Drug
Favorite Part of the female body
Wrist watch is x minutes slow
Default Ringtone
Favorite Flavor of Chapstick
Front Right pocket contains
Back left pocket contains
Favorite Sauce to put on a ham sub at subway
Favorite TV show, (good tv)
Favorite Place to Finish
Favorite Guitar Hero
Вы гаворю по-русский?
Radio staion

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