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Can you name the kickers who became famous (or infamous) for these memorable NFL post-season field goal kicks?

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Missed a 32-yard game-tying FG attempt with 0:11 remaining in the 4th quarter.2011 AFC Championship Game @ New England Patriots
Missed all 3 FGs he attempted in his team's 17-14 loss.2009 AFC Divisional Playoff vs. New York Jets
Missed a 46-yard game-tying FG attempt with 0:18 left in the 4th quarter. Famously referred to as an 'idiot kicker' by Peyton Manning in the aftermath of an earlier playoff loss.2005 AFC Divisional Playoff vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Missed 2 potentially game-winning FGs in final 2 minutes of regulation in a game his team would lose 20-17 in OT.2004 AFC Divisional Playoff @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Missed 38-yard FG with 2:07 remaining that would have put his team up by 10 points. Would go on to lose in OT 30-27. The miss was his only miss after a perfect season kicking FGs.1998 NFC Championship Game vs. Atlanta Falcons
Missed all 3 FGs he attempted in his team's 10-7 loss (including a 42-yard attempt that would have tied the game with 0:37 remaining in the 4th quarter).1995 AFC Divisional Playoff vs. Indianapolis Colts
Missed a game-winning 47-yard FG attempt with 0:08 remaining in the 4th quarter. His team would lose 20-19 in a contest that would become known as the 'Wide Right Game'.Super Bowl XXV vs. New York Giants
Missed a game-winning 43-yard FG attempt with 0:05 remaining in the 4th quarter of his team's 24-23 loss.1983 NFC Divisional Playoff @ San Francisco 49ers
Had two potentially game-winning FGs blocked (one at the end of regulation, one in OT) as his team lost 41-38 in a game now known as 'The Epic in Miami'.1982 AFC Divisional Playoff vs. San Diego Chargers
Missed two potentially game-winning fourth-quarter FG attempts (the final one with 2:10 remaining) in his team's 15-14 loss.1945 NFL Championship Game @ Cleveland Rams
The only man to kick game-winning FGs in OT to send his team to the Super Bowl on two separate occasions.2011 NFC Championship Game @ San Francisco 49ers / 2007 NFC Championship Game @ Green Bay Packers
Kicked a game-winning 40 yard FG in OT to send his team to Super Bowl XLIV.2009 NFC Championship Game vs. Minnesota Vikings
The only man to kick last-second game-winning FGs to win the Super Bowl on two separate occasions.Super Bowl XXXVIII vs. Carolina Panthers / Super Bowl XXXVI vs. St. Louis Rams
Kicked a game-winning 38 yard FG in OT to send his team to Super Bowl XXXIII.1998 NFC Championship Game @ Minnesota Vikings
His 5 FGs (including his game-winning 42 yard FG as time expired) accounted for all of his team's points in a 15-13 victory that sent them to Super Bowl XXV.1990 NFC Championship Game @ San Francisco 49ers
Kicked a game-winning 33 yard FG in OT to send his team to Super Bowl XXI and solidify this game's place in NFL lore as 'The Drive'.1986 AFC Championship Game @ Cleveland Browns
In 1986 game, kicked GW 27 yard FG in double OT after missing potential GW FG in first OT; In 1983 game he missed first 4 FG attempts before making GW 25 yard FG with 0:40 left.1986 AFC Divisional Playoff vs. New York Jets / 1983 NFC Championship Game vs. San Francisco 49ers
Won 'The Longest Game Ever' with at 37 yard FG 7:40 into the second OT.1971 AFC Divisional Playoff vs. Kansas City Chiefs
His 32 yard FG with 0:05 remaining in the 4th quarter gave his team the first Super Bowl victory decided by a FG.Super Bowl V vs. Dallas Cowboys
Kicked a 16 yard FG with 20 seconds remaining to cap his team's 4th quarter comeback victory, 30-28.1950 NFL Championship Game vs. Los Angeles Rams

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