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What date was Thomas Jefferson born?
Where was Jefferson born?
Give one of Thomas Jefferson's nicknames.
What was Jefferson's political party?
In what year did Jefferson lose his Shadwell home to fire?
What was the name of Jefferson's primary residence thereafter?
Who preceded Jefferson as President?
Who succeeded Jefferson as President?
What year was Jefferson admitted into the Virginia bar?
Who did Jefferson marry on January 1, 1772? (Maiden name)
What office did Jefferson hold between 1785 and 1789?
What office did Jefferson hold between 1790 and 1793?
What office did Jefferson assume in 1797?
What (Democratic-) Republican did Jefferson tie with in the 1800 election, ironically his running mate?
Which Chief Justice, serving from 1801 to 1835, swore in Jefferson as President?
What war did Jefferson wage with the north-african pirates on May 15, 1801?
What tract of land did Jefferson purchase in 1803?
What often unacknowledged revolution lead to a significant loss of revenue for France and effectively enabled this purchase?
Who did Jefferson initially ask to govern this newly acquired territory?
What two explorers did Jefferson appoint to travel west on an enlightenment expedition?
Who was the Vice President during Jefferson's second term?
What controversial issue has marred Jefferson's tenure in office despite his overlooked prose to the contrary?
What term is often ascribed to Jefferson due to his command of five languages and deep interest in philosophy, science, and religion (i.e a person of wide-ranging knowledge)?
What condensed composition did Jefferson construct by cutting, pasting and rearranging parts of the Bible?
Who purchased the Jefferson library for $23, 950 in 1815?
Who wrote the biography 'Thomas Jefferson: Author of America'?
DNA tests in 1998 confirmed that Jefferson fathered at least one child by which of his slaves?
Where do historians believe Sally Heming's unmarked grave most likely lies?
What date did Thomas Jefferson die?
Name one achievement in Jefferson's epitaph on his tombstone verbatim.

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