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Can you name the facts about Ernesto 'Che' Guevara?

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What date was Ernesto Guevara born?
What were Ernesto's parents' names?
Where was he born?
Who took the infamous picture of Che at the La Courbre Memorial Service?
What date was the aforementioned picture taken?
What ailment was Che afflicted by?
What nickname did he earn whilst playing rugby?
What university did Che attend to study medicine?
In what year did Che traverse South America on the back of the 1939 Norton 500cc dubbed La Poderosa ('The Mighty One')?
What was the name of the biochemist he travelled with?
What did the notes Ernesto took during this trip later become known as?
What was the vanguard/revolutionary organisation, created by Fidel Castro, that Che joined?
What clandestine radio station was Che instrumental in setting up?
What was the name of the final military battle during the Cuban Revolution?
What was the name of the Cuban dictator Castro and Guevara were trying to overturn?
What was the prison Che was put in charge of in order to exact 'revolutionary justice'?
What law, enacted by Guevara, went into effect on May 17, 1959?
What was 'el Hombre Nuevo'?
Who were the names of Che's two spouses?
What political ideology was Che most closely aligned with?
What famous US novelist witnessed the shooting of prisoners under Guevara's control?
What author sought to expose the 'useful idiots' who lionise Che?
Name one actor who plays Che Guevara in a movie or biopic.
Which biographer wrote 'Che Guevara: A Revoulutionary Life'?
What date did Che die?

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